5G Technology: Coming Generation’s Blessings

5G Technology: Coming Generation’s Blessings

Are you aware of what is 5g technology? How fast 5G network is? Why does India still do not have a 5G network? Ever wondered why 5G? So today, we will discuss everything about 5G which want to know and should know.

What is 5G Technology?

After the success of 1G, 2G, 3G, 4G, 5G, or Fifth Generation technology has been launched in October 2018 in Chicago and Minneapolis, 5G technology is for telecommunication networks to broaden its structure in a way that is beyond everything. Countries having 5G networks are China, South Korea, The United States, the United Kingdom, Germany but only three of the country are dominating the world in terms of 5G technology and they are:-

China:- China launched a 5G network in 5months after getting a license merging with 3 networking companies namely China Mobile, China Unicom, and China Telecom.

The United States:- The United States in association with T-Mobile launched a 5G network in the country. However, they planned for something else but could not achieve it due to some issues.

South Korea:- According to the research it only took 69days for South Korea to adopt 5G services solely as shoppers shopped 5G devices so rapidly that soon it went out of stock. South Korea launched its 5G network with the SK network and Korea Telecom.

Why 5G?

Do we need 5G technology for just moving a step towards the development or is there something serious with the 4G technology?

Firstly, let us discuss the key problems of the 4G network:-

  • Services:- In terms of service 4G still buffer when it comes to video streaming.
  • Speed:- A large sum or time even is taken to load a high pixel image.
  • Technology:- 4G is still unable to process the healthcare facilities in its operation.

4G is lacking behind in many elements. However, the 5G network can solve these crises.

  • Speed:- of, course 5G network will be able to support seamless video streaming and will be faster than 4G.
  • Technology:- Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality and IoT are some technologies which 4G is lacking behind but 5G can work out the same.
  • Files:- 5G will be able to not only download but also transfer much larger files, videos, and many more.

The rapid growth of surrounding, asks for us to work with precedent technology allow us to compete in the world. It includes to shape the development of country, technology and also saves the time

Why India does not bring into the world the 5G network access?

When 40 telecom companies in the globe launched a 5G network, India is not skilled enough to launch one. To start with, India is though a developing nation but it still could not balance between planning for digitalization and implementation of the very due to economic as well as technological problems. Also, according to the Cellular Operators Association of India, telecom was not interested in the 5G spectrum which is the foremost factor of launching 5G. To be eligible to get a 5G network, the spectrum must be at least 100MHz in 3.3 GHz- 3.6 GHz. But Railway here insisted on 10 MHz leaving 25MHz which is not adequate for the operation of the 5G network in India. However, India plans to conduct a spectrum auction in 2021.

The ministry of communication of India, earlier allowed Huawei to participate in 5g trials but had postponed the approval of 5g trials due to COVID lockdown. But the ministry had announced to soon restart it by approving the various telecom industries. Approve includes various private telecom companies i.e. Bharti Airtel, Jio, and Vodafone.

Reliance Jio on the annual general meeting announced to launch 5g telecom services in India till 2021 under the mission of “Aatmanirbhar Bharat“, with the 5g spectrum available within a year through the “Make in India” initiative.


To sum up, the 5G network is a boon to the technology, which provides up to 20GBPS per second speed. But the companies are guaranteeing it to be 100 times quicker than the existing 4G network. But to able to access it there are mandatory criteria where various countries will have to peek and function first.


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  1. Everything has some advantages and some disadvantages, in the same way, 5G technology also has some advantages and some disadvantages. For this, we should also pay attention to its disadvantages. Rest you have told very well about this post 5G technology which will definitely help us in the coming time.

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