GogoPDF Guide: Why Is It Vital to Add A Watermark To Your PDF Files?

GogoPDF Guide: Why Is It Vital to Add A Watermark To Your PDF Files?

It’s a provocation to protect original designs, projects, and documents from being utilized without proper consent, permission, or get stolen, with the active users of the internet using cyberspace nowadays. It’s also challenging to prevent users from imitating ideas, and the best solution to safeguard your files is by adding a watermark.

Luckily, GogoPDF can help users to avoid this problem. This online-based converter tool has different tools and features that can convert and download your files into various file formats. Plus, you don’t have to dwell on anything because GogoPDF is designed and built with a user-friendly interface.

How To Add A Watermark With GogoPDF

Every user can certainly affix a watermark to their PDFs for free. There is no need to give a penny as GogoPDF lets its users use it for free. There are various reasons why most writers, creators, and artists get enraged. But, trying to imitate someone else’s projects and efforts without significant permission is one of the main reasons. 

Therefore, GogoPDF lets users use their excellent Add watermark to PDF tool to assist individuals in protecting their work securely and conveniently. Individuals can put text over their PDF files as a watermark in just a matter of a few seconds! And, users can also change the typography and visibility if they prefer and put a photo.

The question is, how do you add a watermark? Here’s how. You can drag or select the file that needs to have a watermark into the toolbox—once done uploading, like the place where you want to have the watermark in your document. After that, choose the “Convert” tool to save all changes and download the newly converted file to your computer.

GogoPDF As The Most Reliable and Efficient Tool

GogoPDF is appraised as one of the most reliable and efficient converter tools on the internet. It is not only limited to adding a watermark but can be utilized in many various ways. Individuals can convert PDF files to HTML, PPT, Word, PNG, JPG, Excel, PDFA, HTML, PPT, JPG, and works the other way around. 

Plus, GogoPDF also has more remarkable tools such as Merging, Splitting, Compressing, Delete a page in a file, Repairing corrupted documents, Unlocking and Locking of documents, Rotate PDF, and many more. Most of these tools and features have an identical conversion method, and what’s nice about it is it’s straightforward. 

The first step is to proceed to GogoPDF’s site and select the tool you want to transform. After that, upload the PDF file into the toolbox, or you can drag and drop the file for a more easy technique. Once done, you can now make the necessary alterations and additions to your PDF and click the “Convert” button before saving it into your device.

GogoPDF: A Straightforward Link To Friends Or Colleagues

One prominent feature of this converter tool is that users can connect and share their work with family, colleagues, and friends. If you want to share it through the link, copy and paste the shareable link into the selected platform. The shareable link is only valid for 24hrs. If through Email, follow all the necessary information into the email tab and press send.

Sophisticated 24/7 Security System

It’s ordinary sometimes to be hesitant and intimidated whenever you try to process or do anything on the web these days as the number of online criminals rises. And once you put something out there, it’s displayed to the world already. Good thing, GogoPDF has an exceptional security and privacy system that can help every individual’s dilemma with this whole issue.

GogoPDF has a special SSL connection which stands for Secure Sockets Layer. This particular connection is a standard technology that extra safeguards your web browser that is being opened between two programs. In short, GogoPDF puts a stop to the risk of hackers, malware, viruses hackers, online thefts, and other malicious intent that can harm you.

On top of that, GogoPDF has a unique security approach. All documents and data that have been transmitted, processed, or converted on their website will be deleted after 60 minutes permanently. This specific converter tool has outstanding reliability as they hold seclusion businesses at their costly and extreme standards. 


It’s vital to add a watermark to your PDF files to safeguard and have security against individuals who have awful intentions. GogoPDF is the best tool to convert your documents and has an excellent security system to protect everything. In addition, GogoPDF doesn’t just add a watermark but has many tools to go for to match your file’s specifications. 

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