Why Facebook Crashes Again and Again? Know How to Fix It in 2021

Why Facebook Crashes Again and Again? Know How to Fix It in 2021

Struggling to see which of your Facebook companions have connected with, or passing up the many child pictures your classmate Liza keeps setting up in light of the fact that the application continues to crash? 

Indeed, dread not. We have the arrangement. 

Numerous Facebook clients have been having issues with the application slamming on their telephones as of late – with a message of ‘Facebook has quit working’ finishing the ordinarily unending looking through your course of events. Below you will learn about some ways to fix the issue but if you’re still facing issues or any Facebook issues then contact the Facebook customer service number and talk to professionals for help.

While you might be believing it’s a sign you should cool off from web-based media in any case. We thought we’d let you know why did facebook crash, realize how to fix it. Simply on the off chance that you have some web-based media following to do… 

For what reason does Facebook crash? 

Obviously, Facebook is man-made so similarly prone to crash and break as other applications. On the off chance that you haven’t refreshed in for some time, or don’t have the most recent variant there can be issues with your sign-in. 

In the event that your gadget is excessively hot or has memory issues, applications can likewise crash automatically. 

How would you stop Facebook smashing? 

There are a couple of things you can do to forestall it… 

1. Clear some space 

It’s in every case great to free some memory as need from space frequently has an impact on such an issue. 

Check what space you have in settings, general, utilization. 

Set aside effort for house-keeping, erase pics, old applications, melodies, and so on – what you needn’t bother with. 

2 Update 

Ensure you are utilizing the most recent form of the application. 

More established forms leave you open to bugs – fresher updates have regularly fixed these. 

Visit settings, at that point general and programming update to check you have the most recent iOS update as well. 

3. Erase and reinstall 

We realize this seems like the standard IT reaction, reboot, restart, erase, however it regularly works with Facebook. 

Hold down on the application until it ‘moves’, it’ll resemble its shaking. 

Snap the cross that shows up, that will permit you to erase it. On Android, you can drop the application into the ‘canister’ however you need to go into settings to completely erase Facebook. 

On iPhones return into the App Store and reinstall. 

4. Hard reset 

As above, hold down the rest/wake fastens simultaneously. Following 5-10 seconds or when the Apple logo seems the application will close down and naturally restart. Attempt to resume it now. 

5. Reset 

Try not to stress this will not erase anything, yet you can rest your application settings returning it to the production line default. 

In the iPhone go to settings, at that point general, reset, reset all settings. You’ll need to add your password to do this. 


On the off chance that you’ve recently introduced another application, it very well might be in clash with the Facebook application and this may be the reason for the Facebook crash.

Investigate what you’ve introduced and checked whether uninstalling has an effect. 

1. Disconnect Facebook App

Open the application and rapidly log out. Presently go to the gadget settings and access settings for Facebook. Erase Account as this will separate Facebook from your gadget. 

Re-dispatch the application and sign back in. Return to your settings and reload your username and secret key. 

2. Reestablish your telephone or iPad 

In the event that you’ve attempted all the above mentioned it’s as yet not working it could be an issue with your real gadget. If all else fails you can reestablish your settings, simply know that your data and applications will be erased from your gadget. 

You can generally reinforce your telephone or tablet first – there’s a guide on the most proficient method to do that here. 

Ideally, that will fix it. 


Hi all, today in this content we’ll know about crash fever on Facebook and ways to fix it. Many users have and query like – “Why did Facebook crash on my iPhone,” or “Why does Facebook crash my browser,” so if you are one of them then this blog is surely suggested for you.

Read this and enjoy the content. Don’t forget to tell me which technique works for you.

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