Features of CCleaner in Windows

Features of CCleaner in Windows

The ‘C’ in CCleaner stands for ‘crap’ that it cleans out. You can guess by the name that CCleaner is used to clean up your system. CCleaner optimizes the system and is a tool for privacy and cleaning. The unused files from your system are deleted, due to which Windows runs faster. It can free up the space on your hard disk. It cleans your browser history, temporary files, cookies, download history. It supports browsers such as Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, Firefox, Opera, Safari, and other browsers like K-Meleon, Rockmelt, Netscape Navigator, etc. It does not have any Spyware or a virus. CCleaner also removes temporary files from apps, including Windows Media Player, Microsoft Office, Adobe Acrobat, WinRAR, WinZip, and many more. 

It runs a scan on your PC or laptop and shows issues in areas like privacy, space, speed, and security. The most important feature of CCleaner is the tools tab. At the TechyHost website, you will find additional utilities according to your usefulness. We have the top tech and How-to guides related to the tech world. PC optimizer software for Windows systems makes working around windows a breeze and easier. 

The Uninstall tab makes it easier to uninstall applications and save your installed applications in a separate text file. The next tab is Software Updater, which can update software installed on your PC or laptop. Browser Plugins enable us to manage the extensions. To know the use of your computer space Disc Analyzer tab is used. To restore your system, at some point, you can use the System Restore tab. The all-new feature of CCleaner Health Check is way more convenient to clean up your data. You most definitely can access almost all of the features of CCleaner for free. 

Some features are listed below:


 It deletes passwords, Internet history, removes system restore points from a shared system.


 It cleans up the files from your system that you do not require. Also, you can wipe free space to delete the remains of any files that you have previously deleted.


 Speed up your system by deleting the files which are not needed.


Windows can run smoothly with a clean registry.


The deletion of unnecessary files frees up hard drive space. It detects and deletes the duplicate files which consume the storage of your system unnecessarily.

Real-time protection: 

It cleans the online traces each time you have closed the browsers. Your system is checked and cleaned automatically and regularly.

Professional organizations can use CCleaner to get the best out of their systems. It is inexpensive and easy to use. 

Here are a few reasons:

  1. Computers tend to slow down with time due to excessive use and accumulation of unused programs that run in the background, which you are unaware of. Changes are made in the registry, which is not needed, and it tends to increase the cache size. CCleaner cleans all the unused and unnecessary files and boosts the speed of the system instantly.
  2. Most companies have a three-to-four-year refresh rate for their Windows systems. Even in two years, a corrupted registry may cause the system to slow down. It might cause permanent damage to the system. Using CCleaner regularly eliminates these problems, and it increases the life of your system, and you can use it for 12 to 24 months more. It means that the cost of your hardware goes down around 35%!
  3. Major problems are caused by corrupted registries that can lead to heavy support costs. In some cases, a user might have to re-install their system completely, which will take time to restore all the settings and data. Using CCleaner will help you overcome this problem while keeping the support costs low. With the help of the backup and restore feature of CCleaner, your system will be completely safe all the time without the risk of accidental deletion of files.
  4. The use of CCleaner helps to guard your information and keep it private. It saves your information from unauthorized access, which might corrupt your system.
  5. Regular monitoring of your network with the help of CCleaner helps you keep control over your environment.


CCleaner is a handy little program that analyses your system problems with your permission and removes files that reduce your computer functioning. It is amazingly thorough with its performance and can delete unnecessary and unwanted files of large sizes. It is a rich-featured application that optimizes your system, fixes its flaws, and most importantly, makes your system faster, smoother and stable. Just with a single click or two, you can easily protect your system. 

CCleaner has a friendly user interface that enables us to understand instructions and act accordingly. For example, click on the Scan button to identify the waste data, then tap on the Run button to clear this waste data. It also guides you so that you don’t make errors that will damage your system. CCleaner keeps your system extra secure.

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