Learn Acting Without Going to an Acting School

Learn Acting Without Going to an Acting School

There is nothing you cannot learn on your own. Learning acting is also entirely possible, given that you have that passion and dedication for the art. If you are wondering whether you can learn acting without going to an acting school, the answer is you can. 

Here are few tips which can help you groom your acting skills at home without going anywhere. 

#1. The 3R concept. (record, review, and repeat)

Do not worry if you have no one to guide you around or judge your performance. While practicing the lines or apart, record yourself and then review them. It will be better to take feedback from your peers. See it yourself and figure out your weak parts and work on them. Re-record yourself and review until you think you did justice to your character. 

#2. Read

Pick up books, ranging from fiction to classics, and cold read them. This is extremely important to develop the skill of judging the context and emotions of a scene when you are given lines to perform an audition. You can develop this by practicing cold reading at home. This can set you apart from thousands of people.

#3. Re-enact scenes from plays and movies

This is the best thing you can do while learning yourself. Pick a scene from a movie, practice it and perform. Perform it in front of the mirror a few times and catch the emotions of the character. 

When you are ready, record yourself while acting that scene. You will have the original scene as a reference and guidance. You can judge yourself by comparing your performance to the original one. Work on your mistakes and practice again.

Practice a variety of scenes or characters where you can work upon different emotions. Also, remember it is not important that you have to copy. Try putting your creativity into it. 

#4. Perform whenever you get a chance

Just practicing is not enough. You have to perform it in front of people whenever you get an opportunity to do so. This will boost your confidence and bring out a better version of yourself. So, do not miss any opportunities that come your way.

In this competitive era, everyone is struggling to stand out from the crowd. When we talk about a career in acting, we find it hard to see ourselves somewhere. Because millions of aspiring actors are trying hard to get somewhere, the competition is no doubt unsurmountable. 

Also, in this fast-paced industry, you do not have much time to enjoy the limelight if you do not start on the right footing. 

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