About the Benefits of Open Source in a Nutshell

About the Benefits of Open Source in a Nutshell

Currently, Magneto is the world’s leading open-source web source with an extremely rich webshop functionality. However, here we are going to talk about open-source and why is it good for developers and web store owners? We will explain briefly.

Meaning of open source

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The open-source indicates that this software is free to use, copy, distribute, study and modify. The importance of informatics is expanding rapidly, and the whole Internet is driven by open-source software. Examples of such technologies include Apache web server application, MySQL database manager, the most popular and amazing WordPress, PHP programming language, and Drupal content management systems. In addition, both the Google Chrome browser and Android operating system are prime examples of open source. Everyone uses a whole army of open-source products every day. 

Generally, people have a common misconception that open source software means free programs. This is due to the prevalent misconception that people confuse it with free software. However, open-source software can also be developed, used, or offered on a subscription basis for profit-making. For example, Magneto has a free and annual license fee (Community Edition, Enterprise Edition).


One of the major reasons behind the popularity of open source technologies is their cost-effectiveness. If an organization builds its project on a general, globally proven framework with massive programmer support, it will allow them to focus on user experience design, front-end design, and custom features development. It will also help them cut costs from building ready-made content management or e-commerce technologies. Such things also provide massive competitive advantages because it allows them to develop a webshop engine with measurable technical complexity and a functional arsenal for Magento at a cost of tens of millions of forints.

Supplier Independence

Another massive advantage of open-source programs is vendor independence. Subsequent redistribution of open-source programs is not associated with the development company that supplies and manages them. For example, in the case of Magneto and WordPress, the client is the owner of the completed web store. 

In contrast, corporations that work with a base system developed by themselves often do not provide access to their source code. Their systems are legally limited, fearfully guarded intellectual products that no one else can access. 

In case if we make changes to the closed source software by find open source libraries, we will have limited access to the complete software, and unless the organization provides otherwise, we could also receive a user right for the product. We can still use the software in these conditions, but its development is tied to the programmer. An exception in such cases is if the contract for implementing the developed program assigns all ownership rights to the clients. For instance, if it is a custom development delivered on a contract basis, but even in such cases, the intellectual property right cannot be transferred from the development group. 

Such things are not related to portals based on an open-source framework such as the WordPress content management system. In these cases, the development organization does not need to transfer the ownership of the basic software to the users, as it’s not a community-based software product itself, i.e., if there is nothing to transfer. 

Free Upgradeability

As everyday Internet users, we can see that we are limiting ourselves in the long run by using closed applications (for example, custom enhancements or boxed web stores). Such a realization, of course, would not be a problem for a perfect product. However, in a dynamic market where technology is constantly evolving, this phenomenon is a real constraint rather than an obvious advantage. In addition, if the company refuses to develop with sufficient intensity, then with these technologies, we can get stuck with forces to develop along with the priorities of the rights-holder development company.

Module Marketplace (Magento Marketplace)

Open-source software also provides the possibility that Magneto’s software capabilities can be easily supplemented with modules created by other programming companies, not the original manufacturer of the framework. The business model of the open-source software is available in the marketplace nature, by allowing access to the source code, opens up the possibility for others to deliver paid add-ons to them.

These add-ons are very diverse and available on the Magneto Marketplace. Thanks to Magneto’s open-source nature and global development community, additional quantity, and quality of add-ons modules can be easily installed over it. Such kinds of small programs are hard to develop on their own. Open source provides the potential for a framework to have a significant developer market.

Why isn’t open source good for everyone?

Nowadays, open-source programs provide great opportunities to organizations or individuals who want to bestow their wisdom with others or want to develop their programs by find packages. However, before starting such development programs, they need to consider all the aspects of open source solutions that they will have to share the finished code with the community as well. This is the sole reason such technology is free because it is available to everyone, not depending on geolocation or any other barriers we humans have created.

With this in mind, businesses handling personal and sensitive information, such as educational institutions and payment information organizations (such as online ticketing agencies), need to be particularly careful since they have an additional responsibility for data protection and legal certainty other companies. The solution to this problem, most often, open-source solutions also have an enterprise version, which restricts the sharing of source code and whose product support is legally and securely guaranteed by the manufacturer, so that all risk factors can be safely ruled out even when handling sensitive data. 

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