PUBG Mobile Banned with 118 Other Apps

PUBG Mobile Banned with 118 Other Apps

From PUBG mobile to FaceU: With among the 118 Chinese and Non-Chinese Apps banned, here are the ones you’ll miss, PUBG, is also among the apps banned on Wednesday. The very popular gaming app PUBG, one of the most downloaded Apps of the world, has a huge market in India. PUBG is very popular among the youth of our country. Therefore, PUBG has the one-forth audience only in India.

PUBG Mobile Banned

The top-rated game PUBG, with selfie app FaceU, and also business card scanning app Camcard is among the 118 apps that have been banned by the Union Information and Technology Ministry on Wednesday citing security reasons.

India was PUBG’s largest market, with the country estimation for the most number (175 million) of downloads of the app. This amounted to 24 percent of the global number of users.

FaceU is also a widely-used app across the world, with a user of 300 million globally.

Previous Concern on Apps that have Already Banned:
The ban on 118 China-linked or privacy concern apps is the third such crackdown by the Union government since 29 June, when the government banned the 59 apps before. TikTok, the highly popular social media app, was contained in the first list of 59 apps that were banned by the government.

The 2nd such banned, on 27 July, was on 47 apps which were clones of apps that were earlier banned by govt.

But don’t worry, here’s the list of games that you can play with your friends.

These activities were taken after clashes along the Line of Actual Control(LAC) between Indian and Chinese troops. The total no. of China-linked apps that have been banned by the government now stands at 224 till now.

Here is a summary of the major Chinese apps that have been banned on Wednesday —


PUBG as known as (PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds) is an online game that can be played on mobile phones (both Android and iOS), gaming consoles like Xbox, and also on personal computers.

In a PUBG game, 100 players jump on to a battlefield or map chosen by them, without arms or weapons, and get on the task of collecting supplies, loots and fight with each other. The other players considered as the Enemy. The Player has to survive till last to win the “Chicken Dinner”.
Pubg also has other modes to play like- Team Death Match(TDM), quick match, war mode, sniper training, and payload mode. Pubg always gets an update every month to engage their users.

In fact, in early 2019, when a worried mother of a ninth-grader child complained to Prime Minister Narendra Modi about her son’s online addiction during the ‘Pariksha Pe Charcha’ event in Delhi, earlier this week, he light-heartedly stated, “Ye PUBG-wala hai kya?” this goes viral.

Because, It has been said that the PUBG game was created by a South Korean game-maker, but its mobile version was developed by the Chinese company Tencent.

Other banned apps

FaceU, a selfie app that was acquired by Chinese startup Toutiao in 2018, allows users to select their favorite stickers or add engaging and exaggerated effects in real-time when taking selfies and videos.

The app motivates users to video chat with friends and even strangers while playing with its fun stickers.

Xiaomi ShareSave aims to offer a fast and efficient way to order Xiaomi-ecosystem products that have not been published outside China, according to (NDTV).

It was launched by the Chinese firm Xiaomi in January 2019.

Camcard, another Chinese app, is used to read and save business cards instantly and accurately on smartphones.

According to the app’s official website, it can be used to ‘exchange electronic business cards securely’ with other users.

‘Safety of Cyberspace’ referred to as the reason for the ban.

Other 118 banned apps by the Indian government on Wednesday

1. APUS Launcher Pro-Theme, Live Wallpapers
2. APUS Security- Antivirus, Phone Security
3. APUS Turbo Cleaner 2020- Junk Cleaner
4. APUS Launcher-Theme, Call Show, Wallpaper
5. APUS Flashlight- Free & Bright
6 Cut Cut
7. Baidu
8. Baidu Expression Edition
9. FaceU- Inspire Your Beauty
10. ShareSave by Xiaomi: Latest Gadgets
11. CamCard- Business Card Reader
12. CamOcr
13. CamCard Business
14. CamCard for Salesforce
15. note
16. Voor Meeting
17. Super Clean
18. WeChat Reading
19. Government WeChat
20. Small Q Brush
21. Tencent Weiyun
22. Pitu
23. WeChat Work
24. Cyber Hunter
25. Cyber Hunter Lite
26. Knives Out
27. Super Mecha Champions
28. LifeAfter
29. Dawn of Isles
30. Ludo World
31. Chess Rush
32. PUBG Mobile Nordic Map: Livik
34. Rise of Kingdoms
35. Art of Conquest
36. Dank Tanks
37. Warpath
38. Game of Sultans
39. Gallery Vault
40. Smart AppLock
41. Message Lock
42. Hide App
43. AppLock
44. AppLock Lite
45. Dual Space
46. ZAKZAK Pro
47. ZAKZAK Live
48. Music
49. Music Player
50. HD Camera Selfie Beauty Camera
51. Cleaner
52. Web Browser & Fast Explorer
53. Video Player All Format for Android
54. Photo Gallery HD & Editor
55. Photo Gallery & Album
56. Music Player
57. HD Camera
58. HD Camera Pro & Selfie Camera
59. Music Player
60. Gallery HD
61. Web Browser
62. Web Browser
63. Music Player
64. Video Player
65. Lamour Love All over the world
66. Amour
67. MV Master
68. MV Master
69. APUS Message Centre
70. LivU
71. Carrom Friends
72. Ludo All-Star
73. Bike Racing
74. Rangers of Oblivion
75. Z Camera
76. Go SMS Pro
77. U-Dictionary
78. Unlike
79. Tantan
80. MICO Chat
81. Kitty Live
82. Malay Social Dating App
83. Alipay
84. AlipayHK
85. Mobile Taobao
86. Youku
87. Road of Kings
88. Sina News
89. Netease News
90. Penguin FM
91. Murderous Pursuits
92. Tencent Wishlist (Tencent Technology)
93. Learn Chinese A
94. HUYA Live
95. Little Q Album
96. Fighting Landlords
97. Hi Meitu
98. Mobile Legends
99. VPN for Tik Tok
100. VPN for Tik Tok
101. Penguin E
102. Buy Cars
103. iPick
104. Beauty Camera Plus
105. Parallel Space Lite
106. Chief Almighty
107. MARVEL Super war NetEase games
108. AFK Arena
109. Creative Destruction NetEase Games
110. Crusaders of Light NetEase Games
111. Mafia City Yota Games
112. Onmyoji NetEase Games
113. Ride Out Heroes NetEase Games
114. Yimeng Jianghu
115. Legend
116. Arena of Valor
117. Soul Hunters
118. Rules of Survival

The Intention of the Government behind this Ban

The Central Government mentioned the intentions for banning the apps on Wednesday, said in a press release, “The compilation of these data, it’s mining, and profiling by elements hostile to national security and defense of India, which eventually affect upon the sovereignty and integrity of India, is a matter of relatively deep and immediate concern which requires emergency measures,”

Therefore, The government had given a related rationale for its actions against the first set of 59 apps. The IT ministry had said that the ban was put in place because of the information available that they are “engaged in activities which are prejudicial to sovereignty and integrity of India, defense of India, for the safety of the state and public order”.

This move will [safeguard the interests of millions of Indian mobile users and netizens. This verdict is a targeted move to assure the safety and sovereignty of Indian cyberspace], it had added.


In conclusion, the ban on these apps can be recognized as part of a policy to prevent the effect of China on the Indian economy, as well as ensure data security and privacy. In July, Prime Minister Narendra Modi also launched the “Aatmanirbhar Innovation Challenge”, asking India’s tech and community to create an “Aatmanirbhar App Ecosystem”.

However, our youth can be sad with this move because many are earning from Pubg by playing organized tournaments and gaming streamers. But they have to understand the cause and move-on to others. Therefore, it’s time to get other opportunities.

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