Top 11 GarageBand Alternative for Windows Users

Top 11 GarageBand Alternative for Windows Users

GarageBand is an incredible tool for audio production available in Apple devices only. It offers a portable solution to play, record, and learn music for professional use. However, Windows users are still unable to use it because of the exclusive availability of iOS and macOS.

It is indeed a great DAW software but a little far from being declared as the best. You don’t have to invest in a MacBook only to use the software. There are many tools available for Windows users that will serve as GarageBand alternatives for windows. 

Here, you will find 11 alternatives to the GarageBand software alternative for Windows users.

GarageBand Alternative for Windows

  • Ableton

Ableton Live is one of the most recommended tools if you own a MIDI controller. It features a great library for audio looping that makes it a top choice for the electronic producer. The interface is easy to use for beginners. 

Ableton also excels in the support for 3rd party plugin integration in the tool. You can use its built-in plugins as well for high-quality music editing. The price is relatively high, but an unemployed loan in Ireland will help you cover every cost of your studio. 

  • Bitwig

The former developers of Ableton are the men behind Bitwig after a lot of testing during the development phase. It provides intuitive options for modulation and songwriting combined with near-perfect hardware integration. The beginners can start their career with its easy-to-use interface. 

The workflow is similar to Ableton life, which is still ahead in terms of popularity. You will find a built-in modular environment and flexible modulation system. The creative options provided justifies its tag of inventive software.

  • Image-Line FL Studio

Hip hops and EDM producers are very well versed in this DAW software which was once called FruityLoops. Image-Line is a cross-platform DAW tool is known for its simple and straightforward interface. It has been the first software for a vast number of beatmakers in the industry.

You will enjoy many built-in plugins that include virtual effect units, synths, and samplers. The developers offer lifetime updates for no extra cost with the license. A single purchase will make you the owner of every future version of the software that makes it cheaper in the long run.

  • CUBASE Elements

CUBASE Elements is the tool to consider if you want some advanced features to produce music. You can record vocals and other audios with some effects, and there is more VST support. There are two versions of the software, Cubase Elements, and Pro.

The Elements is for the basic features, while the pro is designed for professionals’ use. The 16 VST slot and essential components for score editing can be a deal-breaker for some people. However, a simple upgrade to Cubase Artist will help you get some more features at a different price.

  • Studio One

Studio One comes with some exclusive features that are hard to find in the other DAW software. It offers a high-resolution internal protocol for MIDI to provide smoother changes in the parameter. Using outboard gear will be easier than ever with the dedicated plugins for hardware interfacing. 

The developers have focused on inspiration and creativity to let the musicians compose faster. The option to create printable lead and score sheets from the created parts is also available. However, the built-in virtual instruments and effects are an area that requires significant improvements.

  • Pro Tools

Pro Tools is among the very few tools in this list with a free version for the new users. You can start your career if you cannot afford the pro version to learn or compose with basic features. With some money, you will get access to a huge loop library and amazing MIDI editing enhancements. 

Many professionals use it as a temporary solution when they need DAW software urgently. It comes with a subscription model to cost less than the one-time payment purchase model. A small debt from loan agencies in Ireland can help you make buy the subscription and the other equipment.

  • Audacity 

Audacity is a cross-platform tool that is available for every operating system, including Linux. You don’t have to pay even a single penny to use it as it has been free ever since its launch in 2009. It is recommended for beginners who want to start with audio recording. We can comment on this as the best GarageBand alternative for windows.

The features are limited and may not allow much freedom for creative minds. There is no support for MIDI and virtual instruments such as VST synths. Also, the plugin effects are applied in the offline mode. 

  • FL Studio

FL Studio is popular among the very best in the industry because of its vast library of instruments, plugins, and loops. It has 4 editions with different samples, loop content, instruments, and plugins. There is a mobile version as well to record the inspiration whenever it strikes. 

The automation tools can be used to reduce the composting time significantly. There are some errors with the MIDI controller support. Also, you may face some problems with the 3rd party tool for VST integration.

  • Mixcraft 8 

Mixcraft is ideal for users with any level of skill set, from beginners to professionals. It comes with iZotope mastering tools and integrated software for Melodyne tuning. You don’t need to spend a heavy amount on the system as it doesn’t require heavy resources to run.

The pricing is also affordable for beginners and musicians low on budget. The library is loaded with plenty of loops and plugins. However, you will find some trouble with the interaction for 3rd party plugins, especially with the critical VSTs.

  • Reaper 

An affordable solution to your music production requirement is Reaper. It comes with all the essential features that a professional need to pen down their creation. You get a MIDI notation editor, real-time programming, and rescript features at an affordable price.

You don’t have to go through the track types to make changes. It allows users to make any change they want to track. The 60 days trial is a period for beginners before they decide to purchase the tool. 

  • Sonar 

You will find Sonar by Cakewalk a similar program to the GarageBand, only at a cheaper price. A simple laptop with Windows OS will work fine for this tool. Also, it provides great support for the 3rd party integration.

You can enjoy the basic automaton and scripting features with Sonar. However, the in-built library for effects and plugins isn’t as big as the other tools in the list.


To sum up, there are plenty of tools available as GarageBand alternative for windows free & paid. It will avoid the costly switch to the MacOS available only with the Apple computers. Your budget, skill level, and music requirement will determine the ideal fit from the software mentioned in this list.

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