Top Safety Apps That’s Highly Recommended By The Internet

Top Safety Apps That’s Highly Recommended By The Internet

The kind of safety that you need depends on what do you use the internet for. If you are someone that uses the internet just for playing games and watching movies, you don’t need something that will cost you a few hundred dollars a month. On the other, if you are a serious trader that deals in stocks and cryptocurrencies, you need the best safety possible. Make sure that when you download from websites like ThePirateBay, you use antivirus solutions.

Although safety and security, both online and offline are essential for us, it’s always better to remain vigilant and cautious at all times. Being on our guard all the time can indeed be tiring. However, there are many Safety Apps that you can download, that will alert your emergency contact in times of extreme trouble and chaos. One important thing to remember: most of these apps function well if your phone is well-connected to the internet.  

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Top Safety Apps That’s Highly Recommended By The Internet

The world is becoming dangerous and while we have become technologically advanced, that doesn’t mean we have created a safe space for ourselves. We constantly need to work on this. Below are some apps that have been the recipient of positive reviews from users, who have utilized them in situations that made them nervous or slightly uncomfortable:

1. WalkSafe

This is a personal safety app, that’s fast approaching about 300K+ downloads, as per the reports by Tech Radar. While the app includes different maps, that present crime figures, the user can feel safe as it ensures that you walk peacefully walk back home and avoid those areas on your way where any kind of crime is expected. If you walk nearby a location where a crime previously took place or was reported at some point in time, the app will quickly alert you. What’s more, the app estimates the time you will take to reach home, already presenting the user with an estimated arrival, sharing your location, and will immediately alert your emergency contact if you reach home late. Emergency contacts can also check in with you and with the TapSafe feature, you can check in with friends if they feel nervous or uncomfortable. 

2. LIFE360

This is another app that we recommend you install, right away! The Life360 app allows the user to stay connected with their emergency contacts, irrespective of their time and location, especially if you are returning home late and alone. Moreover, the user can create private groups, which are called “circles” so that they can view the real-time location of their friends or acquaintances. You can also alert your contacts when you arrive at a destination or after you have left a location. One great featurette about this app is the Driver Care Support, where the user with just pressing a button, can speak to a live representative over the phone. Although this app comes with several exceptional features, these can only be accessed by a user, if they make in-app purchases.

3. Silent Beacon

This is a free safety apps with no in-app purchases, that is user-friendly and easier to navigate during times of distress. It automatically sends your current GPS location in real-time to your emergency contacts and instantly lets you connect with your family or friends. This happens if you are in an alien location. Once your present location is shared, the user also has the option to set up primary emergency contacts and voice alerts. Should they ever feel in danger, the user also has the option to notify their primary emergency contacts with text messages, push notifications, and voice calls. 

4. SOS Stay Safe

This safety app allows you to use your smartphone as a safety device. What makes this one of the best safety apps that are out there is that it instantly sends the current battery status to an emergency contact. Also, allows the user to send a recorded audio clip with just a shake of the device as well. Your contacts will be updated with your current location at regular intervals so that they know that you are safe and sound. Another key feature of this app is that it alerts your contacts whether you are moving or not, so they know that you are always in a safe location.

5. One Scream

The One Scream app can detect your scream, even if your smartphone is stuck at the bottom of your bag. Once the app has detected the scream, it will send a text message and automate a call to your emergency contact to alert them of your current location. With an Android phone, you can stay close with your contact. This app can add up to 3 of your contacts, who will be notified if you are stuck with unruly circumstances. Unfortunately, this cannot detect any other sound except screams.

The Bottom Line

These safety apps are about giving the user confidence to feel safe and secure whenever and wherever their destination may be. These apps are simple, mostly free, and easy to navigate, which is necessary if you are stuck in some dreadful situation. 

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