Windows 10X Bring Upgrade for its Copy and Paste Feature: Report

Windows 10X Bring Upgrade for its Copy and Paste Feature: Report

Windows 10 update is all set to bring the new upgrade for Windows 10X copy and paste feature. The new upgrade will include a brand new panel allowing the users to copy GIF, emojis, and other clipboard content material to paste it in the web-based reports such as email or word documents.


Microsoft Windows 10X

Microsoft Windows 10X is an operating system and the upgrade version of Windows 10. It is designed for the dual-screen laptops and foldable laptops or PCs. It is available for the Microsoft surface as well as several Windows partner devices such as Dell, HP, ASUS, and Lenovo. Moreover, it features dynamic wallpapers and supports facial recognition with Windows Hello.

What is special about Windows 10X Feature Upgrade?

  • The Windows 10 Build 20185 will let the users include emoji, GIFs, and content to the emails or other documents. 
  • Windows 10 copy-paste brand new panel is a part of the Windows10X. 
  • According to Microsoft reports, it will launch for only single-screen laptops.
  • Users can use their recent emojis or GIFs and can also search for new ones by just going to the Homepage.
  • Moreover, users can have access to symbols and kaomoji which is a popular Japanese emoticon style.
  • It will allow users to text, images, and HTML content that is earlier copy to the clipboard.
  • Users will be able to set the features. They can turn it off if they don’t want to work with it.
  • It can be sync with all Windows devices.

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Additional Home Windows 10X features for Window 10

As per the reports, the key features of Windows 10X will be soon available for Windows 10. It will allow the streamlined copy-paste function to provide the users with an action center experience. However, these updates are not yet confirmed for Windows 10. 


In this COVID 19 situation, Microsoft announced to shift its plans for Windows 10X a little longer and would be launching it only for the single-screen devices. Microsoft has not announced its first dual-screen merchandise yet due to this coronavirus pandemic. However, the single-screen units are substitutes for dual-screen in Windows 10X.

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