AutoCAD Student Version: All you need to know About This.

AutoCAD Student Version: All you need to know About This.

AutoCAD Student Version The educational plot stamp was reinvented with the student version of AutoCAD 2019. Hence this content gives in detail on the AutoCAD student version.

What is AutoCAD Student Version?

The student version has a serial number on education, and its time is for three years. It may not be used for any professional work. Thus this was reinvented with this AutoCAD student version.

Why is it Called a Free 3-year Education License?

  • The student’s version is a free version developed by Autodesk for students, educational institutions, and also for educators.
  • Secondly, the student’s version license is renewable only after the 3-year or 36 months period.
  • The objects or projects developed in this version cannot be used for commercial purposes. To create such objects commercially, we need to use every commercial version.

The AutoCAD student version is the same as the full commercial version, except the educational flag. The objector folder in this version has a big in It says that the objects or folder did in the student’s version have an internal big flag set.

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In How Many Ways Can a Student use AutoCAD?

  • The software is also available free of cost with all the needed tools. 
  • We can develop project-based models to know design thinking, innovation, and also creativity.
  • Autodesk also partners with brands and organizations through global competitions to increase and hence sharpen our skills.
  • The Autodesk supplies us with the tools to explore our curiosity and showcase our creativity. Hence It is a way to achieve academic and also future career success.
  • Moreover, We can also become a student expert to connect with industry professionals.
  • Finally, Autodesk also allows us to build the Portfolios on Autodesk Design Academy.
    Through this, we can show our ideas to the world, share the design process, and can also connect with our peers.

AutoCAD Student Version 2020 Downloading procedure

For the student version. Firstly, we have to sign in and then choose the student version option.

Let’s begin with the process of installation of the Student’s version.

To download the 2019, 2018, or 2017 version, all the steps will remain similar. We should select the specific text in STEP 12.

Hence the steps to download the latest version are

Procedure for Registration

Step 1: Open your browser.

Step 2:Type the URL: Autodesk folder will be opened. The screen will view like the below image:

Step 3: Here click on the ‘CREATE ACCOUNT’ option to build your account for the Autocad student version, or we can download the trial version for a 30 days trial period.

Step 4: We can also click the CREATE ACCOUNT button below to download for a free trial. Consider the below image:

Step 5: That is When we click on the CREATE ACCOUNT button, the display will view like the given image:

Step 6: We should enter the details to build an account. The down list of the Educational role will see as the given image:


Step 7: The drop-down list of the Institution Type will view as the given image:

You can choose the option according to the requirements.

Step 8: After filling in these details, click on the ‘NEXT’ button given at the bottom

Step 9: The window with more information such as name, email-id, etc. will view like the below image:

 The final step is your verification of email id. 

The registration process is completed. Now we have to sign-in.

Step 10: After the sign-up, the Autodesk will query for a 6-digit passcode verification. So that we can follow similar instructions as mentioned by Autodesk.

Step 11: The screen will now view as the given image:

Step 12: We should select the Version, Operating system, and Language from the drop-down list. After this, the download will begin. Here, we will choose the latest version, i.e., 2020. Note: We can also choose the specific version from the drop-down list according to the requirements. The system requirements for that version will appear accordingly. According to the selected version, the drop-down list of the Operating system will be mentioned.

You can also set the Language according to the requirements.

The drop-down list of the Language will view like the below image:


Step 13: After choosing the above categories, the window will view like the below image:

Auto Cad

Procedure for Installing

Step 1: Click on the ‘INSTALL NOW’ then at the bottom of the page. It will view as:


Step 2: Then open the downloaded file. Hence It will be as the below image:

Step 3: The AutoCAD window will view. Click on the ‘Install’ option as the below image:

Step 4: Next, click on Install

Step 5: After that, the window will look like this:

Auto Cad

Let us see the next steps.

Step 6: Now Click on the ‘Launch Now’ option at the bottom right corner of the page.

The configuration will start, as the below image:

Step 7: After that, the AutoCAD software will open. Click on the OK option as appeared in the below image:

The AutoCAD software will look like this:

Final Procedure

Now, at the end comes the Autodesk license step. After this, you can begin your drawings. As soon as the window view, click on the ‘I Agree’ option for acceptance of license terms and conditions as in the below image:

The AutoCAD software is all set to use now.

The screen of the software will view like the below image:


In conclusion, Firstly this content gives you information about the AutoCAD student version definition. Secondly, for the students of civil engineering, electrical, mechanical, and architectural engineering, this software is very important, as you all know before. Finally, and most importantly, this content gives in detail the AutoCAD student version.

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