Best HTML, CSS Code Editor – Codelobster

Best HTML, CSS Code Editor – Codelobster

An integrated development environment (IDE) or Code editor is a software application that provides computer programmers with extensive software development capabilities. An IDE generally consists of various components like a source code editor, build automation tools, and a debugger. Some of the IDEs include the necessary compilers, interpreters, or both.

Integrated development environments are designed to maximize programmer productivity by providing a user interface that resembles tightly coupled components. An IDE represents a single program in which all development takes place. This program usually offers many functions for creating, modifying, compiling, deploying, and debugging software.

What Parts of IDE Makes Your Coding Experience Easy?

An included improvement environment (IDE) is software program for constructing packages that mixes not unusual place developer gear right into an unmarried graphical consumer interface (GUI). An IDE generally is composed of:

1. Source Code Editor

A text editor that helps you write software code with features like syntax highlighting with visual cues, language-specific autocompletion, and error checking while you code.

2. Local Build Automation

Utilities that automate simple, repeatable tasks as part of creating local builds of software for use by developers, such as compiling computer source code into binary code, packaging binary code, and running automated tests.

3. Debugger

A debugger or debugging tool is used to test and debug other programs (“target” programs). The primary use of the debugger is to execute the target program under controlled conditions.

Why to use IDE ?

The IDE allows developers to quickly start programming new applications without having to manually configure and integrate multiple utilities as part of the setup process. Also, when all the utilities appear in the same workbench, developers don’t have to spend hours learning how to use different tools individually. 


Features of Integrated Development Environment

1. Syntax Highlighting

Syntax highlighting is a feature of text editors used for programming, scripting, or markup languages ​​such as HTML. This function displays text, especially source code, in different colors and fonts depending on the term category. This feature visually separates both structure and syntax errors, making it easier to write in structured languages ​​such as programming languages ​​and markup languages.

2. Code Completion(IntelliSense)

Smart Code Completion is a context-sensitive code completion feature used in some programming environments to speed up the application coding process by reducing typos and other common mistakes. Attempts to do this are typically done by autocomplete pop ups as you type, prompting for function parameters, and prompting for syntax errors.

3. Debugging

Debugging is the process of finding and fixing bugs and bugs in software source code. When software doesn’t work as expected, computer programmers examine the code to determine what caused the error. Use debugging tools to run your software in a controlled environment, step through your code, analyze and fix problems.

4. Language Support

Various IDEs support multiple languages. Support for alternate languages ​​is often provided through plugins, so they can be installed in the same IDE at the same time.

5. Visual Programming

Visual programming is an application scenario that typically requires an IDE. Using Visual Basic, users can move programs, building blocks, or code nodes to create flowcharts and structure diagrams, and compile or interpret them to create new applications. These flowcharts are often based on the Unified Modeling Language.

There are a lot of code editors present in the market today. In today’s article, we will suggest you to get acquainted with the open source code editor of web languages – Codelobster IDE.

It has been presented on the software market for a long time already, and it wins a lot of fans.

All about Codelobster

Codelobster is one of the best  HTML CSS code editor today. It allows you to edit files in various languages like PHP, HTML, CSS and JavaScript files. It helps in highlighting the syntax and gives hints for various components of program like tags, functions and their parameters. This editor is excellent in dealing with those files that contain mixed content.

Importantly, if you insert code of one language into another then this IDE helps you to get them separated. For instance, If you try to insert PHP code inside your HTML file, then the editor separates and correctly highlights both HTML tags and PHP functions. The same is with the CSS and JavaScript code, which is written inside the HTML file.

Moreover, Codelobster provides various features like auto completion ,code correction, etc.

Other useful features of IDE:

  1. A pair highlighting of parentheses and tags.
  2. Highlighting the blocks of code, selecting and collapsing code snippets, bookmarks to facilitate navigation on the edited file.
  3. Supports 17 user interface languages like English, German, Russian, Spanish, French and others.

In general, Codelobster IDE runs fast, doesn’t hang, and can work with large PHP projects. Codelobster IDE can be downloaded from the official website:

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