Top 7 Programming Languages To Learn In 2020

Top 7 Programming Languages To Learn In 2020

Every Year many students & employers search the best programming language on google. It is necessary to know which programming language is in demand before you start learning a programming language. Today in this article, we are not showing you programming languages based on their popularity or How they are easy to learn? But we are showing results based on their recruitment. So, let’s start with How Top 7 Programming Languages performed in the last 4 years.

Top 7 programming languages to learn in 2020

Usage Of Python and JavaScript Has Increased So Far

From the last few years, Python Programming Language firmly increases its rank in the list of Top Programming Languages. And in the current year i.e, 2020, it breaks the streak of Java Programming Language and ranked number 1 in the list of top programming languages. Although we see a surprising comeback of JavaScript.

It is clearly visible that most of the employees are looking for front end developer to redesign their website. Also, there is a gradual rise seen in every other programming language with a steady mode to rank higher. Meanwhile, the demand for a programming language is still increasing and hence the employment.

Okay! Now, look at the top 7 programming languages in brief. 


Top 7 Programming Languages And Their Usage

Start Knowing about top programming language based on their usage.

  • Python: Most Versatile Language Of 2020

Python is a programming language that is interpreted, high-level, and general-purpose programming. One can create anything in Python. It also plays a very important role in creating a neural network in Artificial Intelligence. There are many basic concepts in Python that can help you be a good programmer. Most importantly, it has a simple syntax that makes it easy to learn and understand. Hence, it is not a surprise to see Python Programming Language at the top of the list.

Note For You: Python 2 version is no more in service from this year. So its time to move to Python 3, if you haven’t till now. This may create hindrance to your older programs. As the previous two versions are not completely compatible. Perhaps we have seen a rise in demand.

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  • Java: The Workhorse Of Programming Language

Java is a programming language that is class-based, object-oriented. It is designed to have very fewer dependencies as possible. This will helps in reducing costs & drive innovation. Also helps in improving the application service.

It is the number 1 programming language for technologies like IoT(Internet of Things), Enterprise Architecture, and Cloud. It is widely used for Android applications, which is likely in previous years it is our top contenders.

Disadvantage: Significantly slower and consumes more memory than other compiled languages such as C or C++.

  • JavaScript: Interactive Website Maker

Nowadays, most of the web browsers are compatible with JavaScript. The main working of JavaScript is with HTML and CSS that makes several businesses to create an interactive website. It is extreme to see this programming language in the list of the top 7 programming languages of 2020, of most websites, rely on the unique functionality that brings by JavaScript. 

Nothing worth more than it is a front-end language and you shouldn’t mess yourself between Java and JavaScript as both are different. If we talk about similarity, then both of these programming languages have a similar syntax to C.

Disadvantages: Since HTML editor is having some debugging capacity but it is not as good as C/C++ editors. Also, JavaScript supports only Single Inheritance and it can’t work on multiple inheritances.

  • C++: The (Almost) benchmark language

To know the differences between the C, C++, and C#, you need to understand that at which level the language runs. If we talk about the levels then C is at top of the Assembly, which means a language that the computer reads to execute the task. Moreover, if you are a beginner you can learn C++ from these books. Hence, C is used to create the Operating System and older programs.

On the other hand, C++ is essentially above C. It is a general-purpose, object-oriented programming language. As this programming language is more ambiguous, so as its new programmer it is easy to start with.

Disadvantages: Debugging applications in C++ is complex. Here all the data is global and global data doesn’t have security.

  • C#: The Enterprise Language

It is a technically complicated language of the C family. Still, it takes place in the list of Top programming languages of 2020. It doesn’t matter how technically complicated due to its easy to learn nature. Its high-level nature maybe the other reason. It runs on a virtual machine that allocates the memory for you.

This application is mainly used to develop internal applications for businesses. So that developer finds themselves to showcase the software. Perhaps we are not getting the more demands these days. This is because most of the businesses move web apps to cloud-based services.

Disadvantages: C# is a programming language is based on Microsoft .Net framework. THence, experts find that it is not a flexible language.

  • PHP: The Language That Server Understand

PHP is one of the top programming languages of 2020. It is primarily used on websites to get data out of a database. One can embed it directly into HTML to create web applications. It keeps itself constantly changing and improving. This is because of its open-source nature. But it is seen that the demand for PHP is comparatively lower than JavaScript.

Disadvantages: Not suitable for large content-based web applications. Also, PHP does not allow any change or modification. Hence, no option to changes the core behavior.

  • Perl: The duct-tape of the internet

Perl is a family of two high levels, general-purpose, interpreted, dynamic programming language. Originally, Perl was developed to manipulate the texts. Later, it has developed for network administration, web development, and application. It is very easy to create programs in Perl. Hence, its prototypes are common to see where businesses just need to prove the concept of work. 

Disadvantage: Object Orient does not implement well. Argument handling is poor. No interpreter shell is available with PERL.

What Other Programming/Coding Languages Employees Are Searching For?

From the dozens of languages, we notice that employees are also looking for developer skills. These may belong to the periphery and more specific languages. And here is an updated list for this year.

Top 7 programming languages of 2020

From the chart given above, it is clear that Python and Java demand is still on the top. But, SQL is a language that every programmer needs to know. Apart from this, R and Visual Basic are worth learning.


Final Words

In this article, we have discussed on Top 7 Programming Languages to learn in 2020. This list shows you on the basis of employment & market demand. Also, it is recommended to know the strategies to learn a programming language before you start.

Our motive is not forcing you to learn any particular language. But to help you, so that you can take your decision wisely. Also, never choose a single language for your profession. Always try to learn a combination of languages. If you do that, then you can survive in this unstable sector. Software sector where demands are constantly changing.

Hope you like it, share your valuable comments!

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