Contrast between Java vs C++ and C

Contrast between Java vs C++ and C

Programming language improvement has seen progress like any space out there. This has likewise brought about the advancement of programming languages. These programming languages that has characterized programming ideal models with time but then holds extraordinary incentives in the market. So far we have discussed several programming concepts such as JSTL, Java looping, Interface in Java, etc. Now let’s discuss the contrast between Java vs C++ and the C languages for an appropriate vocation or certification.


JAVA Programming

Java is a programming language and figuring stage initially released by Sun Microsystems in 1995. In this way, Java is snappy, secure, and strong. Moreover, Java is all around from PCs to datacenters, game consoles, telephones to the Internet.

C++ Programming

C++ is a useful arranged programming (OOP) language created by Bjarne Stroustrup. Initially, C++ is classified “C with classes,”. Therefore, the properties of the C in C++ having the development of customer portrayed data types are referred to as “classes”. Moreover, it is viewed as a middle of the road level language, as it incorporates both high and low-level language highlights.

C Programming

C is a universally useful programming language that is very well known, straightforward, and adaptable. It is a machine-free, organized programming language that is utilized broadly in different applications. Moreover, C was the essential language to compose everything from working frameworks to complex projects. Further, activities like the Oracle database, Git, Python interpreter, and anything is possible from that point.

Difference between Java vs C++ and C

Difference between Java,C++ and C

Difference between Java,C++ and C
Difference between Java, C++, and C

As now, you are clear with the fundamental ideas of these superb programming dialects as well as it helped you in increasing the value of your insight. Furthermore, let’ us investigate some example projects to show the contrasts between C, C++, and Java.

Sample Program in C, C++, and Java

Java vs C++ and C
Java vs C++ and C
Hello World Program in C








#include<stdio.h> //header file for standard input output


main() //main method


clrscr(); //clears screen

printf(“hello world”); //print statement

getch(); //get the character


Explanation: In the above code, you use header record <stdio.h> for standard info yield to actualize orders like printf and getch.

 Hello World Program in C++
#include<iostream.h> // header file for input output


main() // header file for console inout output


clrscr(); // clears screen

cout<<”hello world”; //print statement

getch(); // get the character


Explanation: In C++, instead you use header file <iostream.h>, <conio.h> for input-output and console input-output so that you can implement commands like cout and cin. Therefore, it is similar to printf and scanf in the C programming language.

Hello World Program in Java
class ed // create a class


public static void main(String args[]) //main method


System.out.print(“welcome”); //print statement



Explanation: In Java, you make use of classes and objects as it is a pure Object-oriented programming language. Further, you call the main function as it is the entry point to your code.

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