Top 7 Effective Programming Tips to Follow in 2020

Top 7 Effective Programming Tips to Follow in 2020

Get ready yourself to start learning programming with these programming tips!

One of the very basic questions arose between the students is “How to start competitive programming” or “How can I code fast and make a career as a programmer”. Well if you are a student, fresher, or experienced and want the effective programming tips then to get high paid salaries then this blog is for you.

We all know, programming is one of the high-paid jobs in the market and simultaneously it is the coolest job people find to do. But to start programming and do mastery in it can take years for beginners. Also, facts say most of the coders or programming learners’ give up before they truly started. So first, choose the programming language for you from the list of Top 7 Programming Languages and move to make strategies.

People find programming difficult because of the strategies they use to learn/start programming. Well! Learning programming is also not an overnight task but also not as difficult as people think. Mainly people are fascinated with programming and reading about it, and that’s it. No, you don’t have to do this, take a dairy now to note down the important points, and start learning programming right after reading this complete blog.

Let’s move to Programming Tips now…

Programming Tips to Start – Beginners to Advanced

Follow these top 7 effective programming guide to start competitive programming successfully:


  • Start With Fundamentals – Programming Tips

Clear your programming fundamentals

One of the common mistakes done by newbies while learning to program is skipping fundamentals or chapter 1 part. They think that if they want to learn faster then they have to follow this format but this not the way to learn anything properly. To do mastery in advanced concepts, you must clear your fundamentals first. If you do the same mistake again then at some point, it will end up with a lot of confusion. And then you have only two options, to come back and make your fundamentals clear or you can leave the thought of programming (by thinking programming is too hard), and you know very well what most of us do.

Clear your concepts about Data Structure, variables, control programming structures, syntax, tools, and text editors. When you start learning a programming language, pick one from the Top programming languages. In case, you find python the most useful language for you then know complete details about Python. Give your complete time to clear all the basic concepts about that programming language before you proceed to the next level. 

Your Overall time to learn complete programming will be saved definitely if you follow the above rules.


  • Practice Daily by Doing not Just Reading – Programming Tips

Program Daily

Another major mistake done by a new learner is, they just read the books and guides without practicing the sample codes. And the surprising fact is, they think, they can understand every concept by just reading it. If you are one of them, then I want to say you, Programming is not a game of children. Only the people who have a strong will and practicing power can get success in learning programming. Initially, you’ll face lots of problems like you stuck on any concept and got an error at the time of problem-solving. Many times you got the failure, but trust me, the taste of success on compiling a program is more than eating a yummy cheesy pizza. So, no matter how big the problem is, just scratch your mind again and again, and you’ll get the result. If then also you have some problem, discuss the same with your friends, professors or you simply search it on Google

When you write code for any problem, always try to play with the codes, change your codes to see different results. If you start optimizing your code and change your code to see the different results, then this gives you a view of the programming language from your angle. By doing this, you’ll see that your programming skills are improving day by day. 

Hence, this makes you a pro-level programmer for sure.


  • Use Pen and Paper to Start Code

use pen and paper - programming tips

As a programmer, beginners generally start writing their codes on terminals. But this is another mistake they do while learning to program. Generally, they think “it is a time-consuming process, why should I write code on paper?”. Coding by hand is now old fashion but it involves a test proficiency for programmers. Now let’s talk about the fact Why we take the help of pen and paper while doing programming?

When you are writing complete code on paper, then you have to check it manually, you can’t able to check your code with the help of compilers. Hence this gives you more concentration towards your code. But when you are writing code on terminals, then you have compilers to check your code and hence you didn’t go through your code manually. This makes you weak to find out the errors in your code. That is why pen and paper are effective.

Due to this reason, most of the good programmers fail to write code in from of the examiner or interviewer. 


  • Utilize Online Resource

Several online platforms provide you with paid or unpaid programming tips and services. You can also take the help of these online platforms to organize your work and track your progress. You can subscribe to any youtube channel or try any boot camps to learn to program quickly and effectively. 


  • Give Short Break To Your Mind 

give break to your mind

If you take interest in programming, then it is one of the most addictive things you can think of. Due to this, most of the programmers do programming for 16-20 hours a day. But as a beginner, you should not try these kinds of habits as you’ll be exhausted by doing so. Take some short breaks or naps (if needed) after programming for 3 or 4 hours. Sometimes, developers spend lots of time finding the bug in their coder but they can’t because their mind needs some break now. Hence, it is necessary to calm your mind at the time of debugging.

The short break helps you to restore your mind and the focus. And if you have good focus then you can easily debug the errors in your code. Try to eliminate all kinds of distractions while you are doing programming. 

If you follow the above rules, then this will helps you to keep away from stress and headache while you are programming. 


  • Learn to Debugging – Programing Tips

know how to debug your code

Getting errors in coding is very common and acceptable in the case of programming. You’ll find lots of error even you’ll get error more than success. So, it’s good to use a debugger when you not able to find errors by menial methods. The debugger impacts your result and gives you the error point where you do the mistake. Using this, it is easy to fix problems and you save your lot of time. If you are good at using the debugger then it makes programming quite simple for you. 

Wrap Up

In this guide, we have given you Top 7 Effective programming tips to follow in 2020. Also suggests you choose a programming language for you from the list of the top 7 programming languages to learn in 2020 so that your learning is more effective in 2020 and further. Whether the last programming tip given to you is not very effective when you start your learning journey. It is effective when you write a huge line of codes or works on a big project where codes look messy and it is hard to read full code and find errors in it. 

Follow the above stuff step by step and make your coding/programming stronger. 

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