Learn How to Code and Step up the Corporate Ladder

Learn How to Code and Step up the Corporate Ladder

We all know the fact that learning is a lifelong process of keeping aware of changes. So, if you are willing to learn something you don’t know yet, you are amazing. This post shall explain everything you need to know to learn how to code.

Learn How to Code 

If you are eager to teach yourself how to code and excited to learn code in general, you will become a good developer. But first, let me give you a small detail about what is coding and why you should learn it.

What is Coding?

Coding is a basic computer language that develops applications, websites, and software. Either it is your browser, your operating system, or all the applications on your smartphones such as Facebook, Google maps, and many more, operates with code. 

For instance, a web developer writes the code that builds functioning and receptive websites. Therefore, coding creates the best possible websites or software.

Why should you learn how to code?

In today’s world, Coding is no longer an option, it has become an imperative language that is becoming more popular all around the world. You want to know HOW? Let me explain that to you in a simple way, Are you reading this on your smartphone, tablet, or desktop? Do you speak to your colleagues, clients, customers, or friends via video call? If the answer to anyone of those questions is ‘YES’ then you are using coding every day.

Technological advancements have changed the world. Therefore, coding is becoming the most trendy and in-demand skill across the industries. Every smartphone app, websites, computer programs, even a calculator depends on a code signing. Today the demand for digital skills is huge as a result, the number of coding jobs will keep on increasing by 90% in 2020. 

Why do you want to learn to code?

Is it something you are interested in? Something you’re willing to learn in your leisure time? Or maybe for your career growth, attractive salary, or working freely as technology? However, there are many job opportunities available for programmers all around the world.

What are the skills are you going to acquire by learning how to code?

Do you ever think about how we can connect to people all around the world through Facebook or How Google Maps works to give us direction anywhere you want to go? You can be a web or a software developer so that you can get all the above information by just learning programming languages.

How much Time and Money do you have to invest in learning how to code?

If you are learning coding just for a few hours within a week then you can just enroll in free online courses or participate in some of the interactive tutorials there is no need to pay for it. But, if you are willing to make a career path in programming then you should join some of the intensive courses which can be helpful.

What are the different types of Programming Languages?

There are different types of programming like HTML and CSS if you want to be a web developer and want to start from scratch, it is the easiest entry point in the coding world. 

  • Java

It is one of the most popular programming languages used in HTML and the Web. Although, its implementations allow client-side script to interact with the users and make dynamic pages. Thus, it can be used to trap user-initiated events like link navigation, button clicks, and the other action that the user initiates clearly and completely

  • Python

It is an interpreted, high-level programming language that can be used on a server to create web applications. Python can be read easily because it uses English keywords frequently whereas other programming languages use punctuation. This is a beginner’s language if you want to become a software engineer. 

  • C++

It is a cross-platform, object-oriented language that creates high-performance applications. Bjarne developed this language as an extension to C language. It provides professional programmers with a top-level of control over the system and memory. Thus, the Programs allow the code to be reused.

Learn more about C++ from here.

  • C#

It is a multi-paradigm, object-oriented programming language that runs on the .NET framework. Microsoft developed this language. Also, it develops smartphone apps, computer apps, web apps, games, and much more.

  • PHP

PHP is a server scripting language. The biggest blogging website, WordPress practically runs on this language. It can also generate dynamic page content; can create, open, read, write, delete, and close files on the servers as well as It can run on various platforms like Windows, Linux, etc. after installing and is compatible with almost all servers used today like Apache, IIS, etc.

Where can you enroll in learning how to code?

Enrolling in an online coding course can help you gain a good command over your programming languages. Online courses are the best way to teach you engagingly as they use your favorite programming language and make you learn by their fun algorithmic puzzles. Most of the online programming courses are free of cost. 

Some of the best online coding classes and programs to learn code for free are – 

What are the Youtube videos and books you can get to learn how to code?

Many professionals in the industry make video tutorials and share them online which is a great resource for learning complex concepts of coding.

Although, the other best way to learn to code is by getting a book. You can follow that book from beginning to end whenever you are confused. You’ll learn how to proceed with your code as they contain all the syntax and conventions of a language.

 Here is the list of some of the books you can refer to while learning to Code – 

  • The Self-Taught Programmer
  • Structure and Interpretation of Computer Programs

Other tips you can follow to learn how to Code.

  • Start making use of a Code Editor

After completion of your online courses or checking out of some video tutorials. You can practice what you have learned all the way. So, you should start writing your code directly into a code editor. 

Many programming languages come up with their code editors that have interactive development environments (IDEs) which can help you to build clear, error-free code. 

  • Practice code by hand either on a notebook or whiteboard.

Coding by hand is one of the most effective ways to learn how to program. As it requires further caution, precision, and purpose behind every line of code. On a computer, you can’t run a handwritten code halfway through the sheet to check if the work is correct. It can help you be a more fundamental sound developer.

  • Hack somebody’s else code

As you are getting a clear idea of how to code in a particular language, it’s time to unpack someone else code by testing each line to see how it works, after that, you will be able to learn its functions and to get a better understanding of the program.

  • Ask for Help or Get a mentor

As we all know the reality is that people learn faster with mentors and equal feedback. Consequently, the programming community is full of professional programmers who are willing to help the next generation programmers. You can use GitHub which is the world’s largest community of developers to discover, share, and build better programs or software.


To wrap up this article, Coding is no longer an option; it has become a necessity for the 21st century. Coding gives you a new challenge where you have to take risks every time and that teaches you the valuable skills that will be able to help you in your life. However, it can be challenging but you can always seek help from the professionals.


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