C++ The Programming Language

C++ The Programming Language

Are you familiar with the term programming language? This term has a great impact on the world where all the technologies use programming languages to run their tech. Let’s assume you aren’t that familiar with Programming Language, don’t be sad we will cover those topics for you as we move on. Before you start learning the C++ programming language, it is important to know the strategy to learn programming language.

The topics we will learning and understanding in an interactive way are as follows:

Content Manual

  1. What is Programing Language?
  2. What is C++?
  3. Why use C++?
  4. Where can you Start Learning C++ from?
  5. Salary of a C++ Developer?
  6. Conclusion.

So, as we now know what topics we are going to cover, this will help you in engaging in it way easier than the people who start without researching and consulting.


What is a Programming Language?

what is programming language

Language is our primary means of interaction. Languages contain words that people need for communicating. Words themselves are abstract, but they give us the meaning. Words point to objects or computers were programmed by changing ones and zeros manually.

Now come to the programming language. The reason for creating programming languages that took is to take the field automation to the next level of heights. Unlike normal languages, programming languages have limited keywords. Developers made C++ compiler that help you to turn your code into machine language. 

Therefore what do you mean by a programming language? A programming language is the set of instructions that helps us interact with the computer system.

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What do You Understand by Code?

The code is similar to writing a paragraph of instruction or creating a to-do list to computers. Unlike us people, you write lines of instructions to give commands to your computer so that they follow your task.

With the help of coding and programming, we can make the computer draw complex shapes and create uniques computer graphics. Programming is used for developing games, mechanics that leads us to help you build games, that feels real.

Here are the C++ programming examples for giving a result Hello World as a message.


int main()


printf(“Hello, World!”);

return 0;



What is C++ Programming Language?

It’s an intermediate-level language, as it is a combination of both high and low-level language. C++ language is fixed, has a free form, compiled general-purpose language.


Benefits of C++ Language

Several features of C++ help this language on getting an advantage over  C language.

  • Exception Handling.
  • Strong Type Checking.
  • Supports the user-defined operator and function overloading.
  • Inline functions make complete function bodies act like Macro, safely.
  • There are many OOPs features like Abstraction, Encapsulation, Inheritance, etc. 
  • Variables must be declared before they are used so that we can use it anywhere in a program.


Why & What is C++ Used For?

what is c++ used for

  1. Famous programming languages in the world.
  2. It is used in everywhere like in operating systems, Graphical User Interfaces, etc.
  3. Supports OOPs functionality that helps in clearing the structure of programs to reuse, & lowering the development costs.
  4. Can be learned from anywhere in the world, the only thing you need is a computer, internet, and some brains with simple logic.
  5. Easy to develop games, desktop, and mobile applications.
  6. It gives you the basic idea of “what programming language Is.” This is the basis of all other programming language and uses the easy logic.


Where Can You Start Learning C++ From?

It doesn’t matter if you don’t have the knowledge when you start learning  C++.  If you are an independent learner then you can learn C++ by going through online tutorials or books. There are multiple free tutorials online, like:

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Salary of a C++ Developer?

So, in this section, we’ll cover know how much you earn after learning C++ Programming Language.

salaries of C++ Developers

  • A Beginner C++ Developer having less than 1-year experience can earn an average amount of compensation for ₹294,791
  • A C++ Developer having 1-4 years of experience earns an average amount of compensation of ₹437,735
  • An Intermediate C++ Developer having 5-9 years of experience earns an average total amount of salary of ₹980,840
  • An expert C++ Developer having 10-19 years of experience earns an average amount of salary up to ₹1,448,276.



In this technical content, we help you to start and learn the C++ programming language. If you are a beginner then try to start learning to the program soon. As soon as you start, it will help you to grow as a programmer who can handle logical code, complex code, etc. If you are confused, which programming language you should then see the list of Top 7 Programming Language of 2020 and decide it yourself.


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