Digital Marketing Budgeting

Digital Marketing Budgeting

If you have a business, you’re somewhat bound to take it digital. Now, you may think of many obstacles in your way to do so, which are all true. One of the many barriers is finances. Digital marketing doesn’t come easy and cheap especially if you’re planning to go for a long term game. So, this post shall teach you everything about digital marketing budgeting so that you could kick start the process of digitizing your business.

Digital Marketing Budgeting

There’s a huge amount of content being created and published on the internet every day. All you have to do is stand out with the quality of content that you’re providing. It should contain immense value and should also solve customer problems on an everyday basis. For this, you’ll need a decent digital marketing strategy and some funds allocated to it.

How Much Should You Spend on Digital Marketing budgeting?

Planning your budget for marketing and advertising gets really tricky sometimes. There’s no such formula as to how much you should be spending to get noticeable results. Although, the Return On Investment is pretty high. Experienced digital marketers advise that one should invest at least 8-10% of the gross revenue into digital marketing to see decent growth in the audience and revenue eventually.

This budget should be properly planned and drafted so that every aspect of digital marketing gets enough spending limit. Finances should be properly divided into video creation, social media promotions, influencer marketing, online tools, and SEO.

Prioritizing Funds

Prioritizing finances is the hardest task in any budgeting. Every aspect seems promising enough that it becomes a little difficult to segregate. Your first task should be to streamline every source of income from previous years. Identify the nature of clients, customers, and narrow down their nature and the reason that pulled them into doing business with you.

This will give you a list of sources that drives the most business for you. Therefore, your strategies should focus more on the streams that brought most business. 

It may be social media, it may be influencers or paid advertisement. Whatever it takes to capture a larger market share. 

Why Spend on Digital Advertisement?

There are businesses that are still hesitant to invest in digital advertising. Such audience should consider the following reasons:

Lead Generation

Ever since digital marketing caught on, generating leads is no longer a hard task. It was one of the most difficult things in traditional advertising. Today, lead generation is very cheap and easy only if one knows how to optimize the advertisement campaign.

Sales Revenue

Once the customers are aware of your product and services, they’ll visit your website and tend to stick around. The landing pages shall, therefore, convert such leaves into sales which will eventually contribute to your gross turnover. Therefore, digital marketing surely increases your revenue drastically.


The very first step of marketing is to create awareness. Corporate giants spend around 60% of their total budget on awareness itself. It’s Because if a customer doesn’t know about the brand or the product or service that they offer, the brand shall be kicked out of competition at the initial stage itself. Therefore, the awareness stage should have the most amount of the budget.

Website Traffic

Creating several digital marketing strategies and implementing them in a proper way would increase the popularity of the brand in the market. This will drive in huge traffic towards the website of the brand. 


In conclusion, companies should not be reluctant in drafting favorable budgets for digital marketing and digital advertising. All aspects of digital marketing should be prioritized accordingly such as Search Engine Optimization, Google advertisements, social media marketing, video marketing, website optimization, content marketing, influencer marketing, etc.

If a company invests in all this, it will be able to capture a greater market share in a very short span of time. Therefore, professionals are hired to create and execute digital marketing campaigns.

Some companies also prefer to hire a digital marketing agency to outsource all the advertising jobs. This lets the company focus on its prime product and service.

Remember, digital marketing is becoming the future of advertising and it shall soon eradicate the concept of traditional marketing. So, get on board with the fast-moving trend and benefit the most out of it.

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