GoPro Hero 8: A revolution in the Camera World

GoPro Hero 8: A revolution in the Camera World

Have you ever been stuck looking at a view wishing you had a camera to capture that mighty frame? Keep reading this post to find out the most beneficial solution i.e. GoPro Hero 8.

What is GoPro Hero 8?

Have you ever wondered how those action scenes are recorded in your favorite action movie? What if I tell you that you can record similar videos for yourself? Yes! You heard me right.

With the help of this(GoPro Hero8) action camera, you can record all your adventures. May it be river rafting, skydiving, or deep-sea diving. 

This mighty camera shall do everything for you.

It rolled out in October 2019 and it has changed the video recording industry ever since. It is one of the tiniest action cameras out there. Its versatile build makes it even more attractive to carry along.

Why do you need GoPro Hero8?

If you’re a professional traveler and like making travel videos, this camera is a must-have device. It will change your videos drastically. Therefore, it is made for all the adventures that you go through yourself.

It will capture your realtime emotions. Henceforth, you’ll have a beautiful memory to cherish for the rest of your life.

In addition, the night mode will allow you to record hassle-free in the night during your bonfires as well. Hook it up in the front windscreen of your bike and you shall have an amazing moto-vlog. Attach it on the collar of your dearest pet and have a dog POV video.

The possibilities are endless. It gives you immense opportunities to treasure such memories. You can start making money with your travel videos. 

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Features of the camera

Key selling features of the camera are as follows:

  • Built-in mounting point
  • Live-streams at 1080pi
  • External mic, flip-up screen
  • 4k60/1080p240 video recording
  •  Better HyperSmooth
  • Custom presets

The improved HyperSmooth feature lets you record smooth videos while running or driving. It will cancel out the obvious motion disturbances and will give a seamless clip. 

Presets will allow you to take a particular shot at a particular mood without going through the pain of editing again and again.

How to use the camera?

Operating GoPro Hero8 is the most unchallenging task. Above all, the camera has three modes. Photo mode, video mode, and time-lapse mode. All you need is to mount the camera at a desirable place with the help of the mounting accessories. Hit record and get on to your activity. Thus, the camera will take care of the rest. 

You can review your video or photos as the camera has a screen at its backside. 

Don’t forget to purchase a protective housing for your camera. Although, the camera is quite durable. But this will provide extra protection to the camera considering the rugged use you’re going to put it through. 

Another benefit of putting a protective housing on your camera is that it will allow you to mount your camera in innumerable ways. It will protect your camera from water in damages in case you’re planning to take it underwater.

It will also add another layer of protection in case the camera falls from a height. Therefore, proper care and precautions will increase the life of the camera drastically.


In conclusion,  if you’re planning to invest in proper gear or you’re considering upgrading your equipment, the GoPro Hero 8 should be your top priority. This tiny device will revolutionize the way you make your videos. In short, it will upgrade your travel experience dramatically.

To sum up, pair it up with certain mounts and you have yourself the best travel covering machine. May it be your personal videos or professional travel films, Gopro Hero 8 has it all covered.

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