Best Ways of Making Money Online 2020

Best Ways of Making Money Online 2020

We help you in providing financial support for you to fly so you can dream higher to reach your goal. So today is the chance you are getting to develop and build the tomorrow you desire for.

So, everyone here wants to know how to make online money? The answer I can think is obviously yes! Everyone wants to earn money and want to buy, travel, learn, and do many things. But the only thing which is stopping you that you don’t have the medium or idea how to approach that dream of earning money.

 So as the title of this article mentions we will help you by giving the best ways to start earning money online. So before we start we will explain how we are going to go further step by step where I will make you understand some simple topics.

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Basic Principles of Earning Money?

Suppose you are smart, challenging, engaged, determined to work, and want to earn money but the thing is you don’t how to make money, you don’t know that path to take in the future.

Don’t worry we will help you with this concept and way of earning money. You need to be patient and be with us on this journey to understand how to make money online.

You are lucky that we have pointed out some important principles before you know the ways. Be sure to follow this principle you will be on a proper course of earning money.

  • Start Early (even if you start small)

You always need to start early, because if you start early you can earn money more properly and efficiently. You will have the proper experience and you can do trial and error at an early age to find the proper option. This will give you time to earn money without you having to lose money on a high scale. If you start late there’s a big chance you might fail or be successful. You don’t have the privilege of doing trial and error with your options. It’s a big risk to take.

  • Trust No One Completely with Your Money

Never fully trust and give all of your money to someone even if he’s a close friend, a relative, or another company. Suppose another company comes up with an offer for your company where this company tells you that if you invest all the money on our product we will get you double the amount that you invest. But the thing that happens with your investment in that company products and the scenario you face is that the money you invest in that company products fails in the market and goes in the loss. You will lose all the money

  • Keep it Simple

Always keep it simple and never make things complicated for yourself. Make it systematic so that you can strategize your plan efficiently to make money in the future with the proper path.

Suppose you make things complicated in your business and some urgent workload came on to you. By this scenario on your head, you won’t be able to think properly and efficiently. You would be hasty to complete the work instead of analyzing it properly. Without a proper plan, you are bound to fail.

  • Protect Yourself and Your Money

Your money and you are important, the struggle you made to earn the life you wanted but all this can go to waste if you don’t protect these important things. The money you earn is not safe outside, so what you need to do is to put in your savings account, also take life insurance for you to be safe when needed. If one of these things is gone you are done for, so always protect these two.

What are the Ways of Earning Money?

Now, we are going to discuss the ways to earn money. The most interesting part right, but let me ask you one thing what do you think how many ways are there? 1,2,3 let us say 20 what do you think? The answer is simple there many ways that you could say infinite also.

But who has time to know all those things right? Its time consuming so I am going to give you the 11 best way to earn money online which are as follows:

  1. Start a Youtube Channel for yourself.
  2. You can Become an Instagram Influencer.
  3. Start a Blog
  4. Learn Stock Market Trading
  5. Make Money with Affiliate Marketing
  6. Start a Product Startup
  7. Test Websites and Give Feedback
  8. Taking Surveys Online
  9. Travel Consultant
  10. Sell Your Art and Designs
  11. Become a Freelance Writer

1. Start a Youtube Channel for Yourself

Make a Youtube channel where you can upload the most trending contents, your hobbies, skills, make vines, teach something that works. It works the same as Instagram but in this, the deciding factors are subscribers and viewers. If you have a high following subscriber and a high amount of views on your video you can earn around a million. Many companies might approach you for sponsoring through which you can also earn money. And on the other hand, youtube will also give out money because of your high following subscriber and a high amount of views on your video.

2. You can become an Instagram Influencer

This is one of the fast-moving social media which is expanding and getting famous at a rapid pace. If you have a high following and if you think you have what it take to influence others into doing something then this is the right place. 

If you get famous and recognized by others and influencing content is good you, might be approached by the company that will sponsor you. where you can expect to earn a big amount of money per post. Ronaldo is a perfect example of an Instagram Influencer who makes big money online. Hopefully, this is the perfect idea to make money online.

3. Start a Blog or Vlog

A blog/vlog is a kind of activity where you share your daily experience by recording and uploading them for people to watch. A blog/vlog can be made by something which has a passion for and you love doing it. It can be about traveling, pictures, videos, audios, etc. You can earn money based on how much your content is getting famous among people. If people don’t like it, you might get the money but not in a large amount, but if they like it then you will get a huge amount.

4. Learn Stock Market Trading

Stock trading is a concept and a term where we buy and sell shares of publicly-traded companies. For every buyer in the stock market, there will be a seller. Suppose you buy 100 shares of stock by a seller who’s selling 100 shares to you and vice versa. If a scenario occurs where there are more buyers than sellers, the stock price will increase. But if sellers are high then the price will decrease.

5. Affiliate Marketing

This is built upon by suggesting or reviewing the products to you by a link if the buyer clicks the link and buys the product you will get the commission. One can also make money through ShareASale Affiliates.

This is not the way to earn money in a huge amount but it can give you money much faster. Smaller but faster. 

6. Product Startup

This startup is like that where you focus on what’s in demand and what attracts people. If people are into the product your startup will increase at an amazing pace which will earn you lots of money.

 If you love to open your own business you could try this giving out the product which you thought of according to the people’s likings.

7. Test Websites and Give Feedback 

If you like improving and enhancing things this is the right place to be where some companies will give you money for you to test their websites and point out the good things and bad things.

By giving them your feedback websites can remove those flaws and also enhance the good things which will pretty much help you earn money.

8. Taking Surveys Online

Online Surveys aren’t the best thing but if you want to earn money fast and win prizes this is the option for you. Fill out the online surveys that the company gives out if you do that then you will earn money not much but surely fast. You need to have patience if you keep doing it you would save up to a large amount of money by just doing that. 

9. Travel Consultant

Do you like traveling and have traveled to many places? If yes, then you can help other people by guiding them on how to travel what things you should for? Where you should put your money and everything?

Giving them a proper traveling plan will make it easy for them which can make you earn money.

10. Sell Your Art and Designs

Do you have a passion for designing and creating something new with colors or clothes or something you think is unique? If yes then you should do this option. Make things which you love to do and try to sell them online if your design product makes a hit or becomes famous you would have a huge amount of orders from the buyers which will give you a good amount of money. Pretty decent right, you should for it.

11. Become a Freelance Writer 

Do you like mixing up words and come up with content that is full of interesting things that help people explore things in the world? If yes then this platform is for you. In freelance writing, you can go with that will allow earning a decent amount of money.

Earn Money while Coding

NOTE: Generally, lots of people search for free money earning sites on Google. If you are one of them stop searching this as lots of fraud sites come in that list which doesn’t pay you for your work.


What are the benefits do you get by earning money online?

Well, One benefit is obvious that you are getting money by doing online work. Bt what other benefits do you get from it.

  • You get Confidence in working

While doing work online you become more aware of what’s around you that is how things are working in the world. You will get confident once you give it a shot. Once you are confident you will do work a lot faster and efficiently because you have the experience and knowledge about what to do and what not to do.

  • You become an Independent and Challenging person

By doing work alone or with a team with the responsibility you will start to develop yourself and become independent. You will look for challenges for you to grow much more than you were now.

  • You might get Famous at some point

If you start working, someday or something can make you famous. It could be by your work like a video, art, music, dance, business, etc. You will be recognized by other people and will get connections and opportunities. 

  • Meeting new people around the world with different work experience

While working online you will meet new people with their skills on how they run things which can help you build the bond and connection to make you reach further someday more.

  • Get opportunities

When you get recognized by the work you have done, people will try to contact you for working with them having a big amount of salary. You will get multiple opportunities as you develop yourself and get recognized.

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In Conclusion : 

So, I think now you have understood how you can earn money online. Everything depends on you that if you want to earn around an average amount or big roll of the high amount, you just need to select a proper path for you to reach this. Don’t let the above ways which we mention overwhelm you, but think which one would you enjoy more with passion where you can explore to infinite no. of possibilities to grow and earn. Just have patience and think properly then decide because the first steps are always important. Known as a baby steps

Also, keep one thing in your mind, money won’t come overflowing as you start it might not happen right away. You need to be persistent and dedicated to it to come true in the coming future.

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