What is Hacking and How to be an Ethical Hacker?

What is Hacking and How to be an Ethical Hacker?


Are you a beginner and willing to refresh your knowledge of Hacking? So if you are eager enough to teach yourself hacking. For instance, excited to gain information about what it looks like and how it works? This article is all that you need to read to be an ethical hacker.


What Is Hacking? 

Hacking means the activity of employing a computer to access information stored on another computing system without permission or to spread a bug. However, most of the businesses, as well as enterprises, use computers and laptops for all their daily needs. Further, they work with computer networks that have high-risk exposure for hackers and hacking.

Types of Hackers

  1. Ethical Hacker
  2. Grey Hat
  3. Hacktivist
  4. Cracker

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Types of Hacking

  1. Virus
  2. Phishing
  3. UI redress
  4. Cookie theft
  5. DNS spoofing


Advantages of Hacking 

So in the case of cybercrime, branch hacking helps to seek out satellite calls done by a number of criminals. But, nowadays within the areas of south Karnataka this satellite calls crime are increased and by the assistance of hackers who are working in cybercrime, the branch has helped to unravel this case very easily.

  • Can be used to recover lost information where the pc password has been lost.
  • Teaches you the loopholes because no technology is 100% secure.

Disadvantages of Hacking 

  • Criminals can use it to their advantage.
  • It can harm someone’s privacy.
  • It’s Illegal.

How to be an Ethical Hacker?

Ethical Hacking or penetration testing is an act of entering a system of networks to seek out threats and vulnerabilities. Thus you will be able to know where the attacker has attacked that specific system to leak or steal data. Now, when the thought involves in your mind from where you will be able to learn or study Ethical hacking. To clarify, we have a list of the detailed sources to start your carrier as an Ethical hacker which are as follows – 

  1. Digital Forensics.
  2. Malware detecting.
  3. Auditing
  4. Pentesting
  5. Social engineering

What are the platforms you can use to code?

i) HTML, PHP, JSP, ASP [for web applications]

ii) Java (android), swift (ios), C# {for mobile application]

iii) Java, C#, C++, Python for [Desktop-Based Applications]

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Further, these are the various qualities that an ethical hacker should posses –

  1. Firstly, be good at problem-solving.
  2. Have excellent communication skills.
  3. Dedicated yourself and inspect to crack the given set of problems.
  4. Capability to handle the worst cases.
  5. Last and most importantly always stay motivated.

Qualification you need to become a Certified Ethical Hacker (CEH)

  1. Mastering Penetration testing.
  2. Footprinting
  3. Reconnaissance
  4. Social Engineering
  5. System Hacking
  6. Hijack Web Development

Above all, you can become certified in ethical hacking by earning an appropriate credential or the certificate from EC-COUNCIL.

Career to successfully be a Ethical Hacker?

So guys once you believe where to start. Firstly, you can join any good institution (Concerning India) to find out about the CEH exam and its related theories.

In information technology, fees vary from course to course offered. One can steel oneself against the CEH exam by doing self-study or self-analysis on one’s learnings. In other words, there are many books available within the market that will help you with hacking.

However, if one does self-study and opts for the CEH Exam. It will be the best option to add to your carrier. Besides, you can also learn Ethical hacking by reading books

 List of books that you can refer to learn ethical hacking

  1. BackTrack 5 Wireless Penetration Testing Beginner’s Guide.
  2. The Basics of Hacking and Penetration Testing.
  3. The Hacker Playbook 2.
  4. Metasploit: The Penetration Tester’s Guide.
  5. CEH Certified Ethical Hacker.

In conclusion to my article, as cybercrime is increasing you must have to get ready for securing your networks. Moreover, if you have the quality to become an ethical hacker it’s easy for you to hack various targets around the world. Therefore, the foremost important thing is moral Hacking it is not considered as a result of criminal activity. As a result, you can refer to the article, it will help you to become an ethical Hacker if you follow these procedures.


















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