How To Interlink Your Blog Posts Like A Pro?

How To Interlink Your Blog Posts Like A Pro?

Interlink: Many bloggers don’t realize the importance of interlinking. It is really important to rank great in Google search results. Importantly, In this Google Panda world, you must be focusing on aiming the right keywords to interlink the professional path and get the rewards from the search engines.

In this context, we’ll discuss how to rank better in google like a pro and main ideas on how to interlink your blog posts like a pro. Over to you:

What Is Interlinking?

Normally, links to your blog posts are called interlinking. Many new bloggers don’t interlink right, thus they can’t operate more traffic to their old posts. They’ll cover them without boosting their search traffic to old blog posts.

When you’re interlinking the right way- you can carry more search traffic to your related keywords. And can do a great impact on the readers too. Because many readers love reading additional references when they’re searching for something.

How To Interlink Your Blog Posts For Great Results.

Why Should You Consider Interlinking?

Interlink can help you with the below things :

  • Bring you much traffic from search engines: you can drive much traffic from the search engines like Google, Yahoo!, Bing, etc when you’re linking to particular pages on your blog.
  • May rank better for the particular keywords: always utilize ‘anchored texts’ on your internal links to rank top for your desired keywords.  make use of anchor texts within your links to get many results for your targeted keywords.
  • Might pass link juice to past posts: next time when the domain authority notifies you to roll out, test your blog posts, the pages which are linked more will get a high DA. 
  • Can maximize page views: When people find reading your content curious, they’ll surely click on the internal links to read further. This path you can get many page views and thus low bounce rates for your blog.
  • Also can make search engines crawl for every page:  When you’re linking to your past blog posts, you’re making them crawl for every blog post in your blog. This path can bring many search traffic in the long period.

To learn more about SEO read: SEO-auditing-tools-and-methods

What are the Best Ways to Interlink?

Put Your Interlinks At The Beginning Of The Content

Do you know the ONE easy secret to rank great in the search engines from your links? That is utilizing the links at the earlier of the post! Yes, search engine crawlers will love those links which are exactly under the meta description and head tags i.e. the starting of your content.

Make Use Of WordPress Plugins

If you’re looking for the best WordPress plugins for inserting internal links nicely into your blog posts, here are some interlinking plugins for you.

Top 3 Best WordPress Plugins to utilize

Make Use Of Related Posts

One important thing you should do here is the relevance of posts you are linking to.

It’s not a great deal to link like a pro, but it does take some practice. In the earlier, you might find it hard to link to your old blog posts, but you’ll particularly manage to interlink nicely when you’re practicing it.

You must know your relevant posts to the present post you’re writing. This path you’ll have a great idea of what you’re talking about and you can simply build better links for every post.

Important Things To Remember While Linking Your Blog Posts

Here are some of the most important things to remember while linking your blog posts.

  1. Always Disable Self Pingbacks In WordPress.
  2. Know The Importance of Anchor Text.
  3. Make Interlinking as Great Practices.

Firstly Internal links are crucial if you want to boost your website’s SEO now and then. Secondly, If you’re publishing new blog posts without involving internal links to other posts on your site, you’re making a great mistake. To avoid some mistakes on your site. This content gives you in detail the internal linking or also on how to Interlink Your Blog Posts Like A PRO.

Finally and most importantly interlinking not only helps you pass link juice to other pages but it also helps with greater user engagement too on your site.


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