Network Attached Storage Devices

Network Attached Storage Devices

We’re living in a digital era where most of the new businesses are happening over the internet. The chances are very high that you’re already aware of Network Attached Storage.

Network Attached Storage

There’s no need to address the importance of backing up your data. Whether official or personal, data needs to be backed up. If you’re using a single machine setup then you must be backing up your data in an external hard drive. 

Although, it becomes a difficult task to manage multiple system backups with a single hard drive. Therefore, the solution to your problem is Network Attached Storage(NAS).

What is Network Attached Storage?

Network Attached Storage is a server similar to other hard drives. It connects to the working stations with multiple systems through various means. It is external storage but for many systems at once. 

NAS is not only a backup server, but it is also a file sharing and streaming server. Therefore, it a necessary add on to have in your computer network.

Benefits of NAS

Small businesses are growing rapidly in today’s time. One of the major issues they face is the maintenance of data backup. The seel following benefits:

Low Cost

Installing a network-attached server is quite cost-efficient. It backs up the entire data of the business and that too at a very minimal cost. Taking cloud services could be very costly sometimes. Therefore, going for NAS seems like the preferred option for small and medium-sized businesses.

Easy to Operate

Network Attached Servers are very easy to operate. The minimalist design makes it very smooth in its operations. Any person with basic common sense could use it to work with NAS. Therefore, you don’t need to hire an IT professional for taking backups of your data.

Easy Backup

The mechanism of NAS is so easy that every and any employee in your business can take a backup of the data. The easy to use design makes NAS most preferred by small and medium businesses. 


The backup taken is centralized so that it is accessible by every work station in the network. The data stored in the NAS server could be accessed anytime and from any system on the network.

NAS Brands that you can Prefer

There are many brands out there but I’ll be listing some of my top picks below.


Seagate NAS applications are developed with tight coordination with the leading NAS partners for the seamless experience.


Synology disk station is the most popular Network Attached Storage server. People prefer this brand out of many alternatives. They have many options available that will suit your business and budget. Therefore, Synology is the brand you should really consider.


WD has the most affordable options available in NAS servers. This brand has established its name in computer accessories for a very long time now. Therefore, this is one of the most trusted brands today.

Apple Capsule

Apple has captured the most amount of market share all throughout the world. Apple’s Time Capsule has become the most advanced device in the computing world. It has the strongest integration between its hardware and software. Therefore, it is the most secure device in the computing world.


Corporate data is very important in terms of accessibility. This will create a stronger network with your employees and other working hierarchy. Therefore, network-attached storage servers are the most important devices that need to be installed in your workplaces. 

Poor backups will put a negative impact on your networking setup which will eventually harm your business. Also, read Business Strategies for 2020.

In conclusion, NAS will help businesses to speed up their operations and provide improved value to their customers.

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