How to Keep Your Digital Strategies Updated During Covid-19?

How to Keep Your Digital Strategies Updated During Covid-19?

The Internet is the only place where business could be conducted without any fear of COVID 19. During the pandemic, the internet has received new users from the age group of 35-44. To cater to the new and the already existing audience, the digital strategies of every entity needs to be amended. This article shall cover everything you need to know about keeping up with your digital strategies during COVID 19.


When the world was at a halt, the one sector that remained operational was Digital Marketing. Certain countries and cities are still under lockdown and their economy is taking a major hit. The companies which never existed on digital mediums are now being forced to create their presence. 

The companies which were already present on digital mediums did more business than the ones who weren’t. Although such companies need to address the issue that merely being present on digital mediums is not going to help them win the race. The strategies on which they were operating needs to be refurbished.

What is the Digital Strategies you could implement? 

Pandemic has forced a huge behavioral change in the ways of conducting business. There is over 11% growth in internet users from the age of 35 to 44. Resultantly the behavior of consumers has also changed accordingly. To keep up with the ever-changing buying patterns of the consumers, brands are advised to adopt the following Digital Strategies in their businesses. 

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1.Create and Enhance Organic Visibility

In the era of multiple options available, the traditional option works the best. Brands should focus on creating more SEO efficient content. This shall drive the organic traffic towards the business. More and more people will discover the brand and would be willing to try out the product or service offered by them. Organic SEO is cost-efficient and is targeted optimization so it will create a high return on investment. Brands could reach out to their customers regarding their grievances and could inform them about the latest products and services offered by them. They could offer discounts to their loyal customers to retain the business.

The major strategic changes shall depend upon the following:

  • change in buying patterns of consumers
  • change in spending budget of consumers
  • changing needs of consumers

Have your employees work remotely and plan out a way to reach each of your existing clients proactively. This could be done via personalized emails or a phone call. You could talk to the client regarding the due obligations that need to be served. 

2.Evaluate the Strength of E-commerce

With the huge number of businesses being transferred to online mediums, logistics is supposedly the backbone of a business. During the pandemic, logistics of conglomerates such as Nike, McDonald’s, Amazon took a little dip. Even though they managed to employ more manpower to cover up the losses incurred. The business could consider investing in warehouses, cold-storages apart from logistics. Considering the social-distancing norms in various cities and countries, consumers are going to prefer online shopping for a very long time. 

3. Add a Personal Touch to Your Social Media Presence

Your social media profile shouldn’t just be about selling more and more products to more and more customers. It should be a platform to let people know the stories about the brand. How did the company come into existence? How you found the right team to work with you. What are the hardships that you had to face? This Digital Strategy will help you connect with your audience on a deeper level. The social media team could address the issues raised by the customers on their social handles. Enterprises could have a dedicated web-page to COVID 19 where they could address pandemic related effects on their business and relationship with their customers.

What should you not do while keeping your Digital Strategies updated?

Apart from knowing what you could do to build your brand’s rapport, you should also be aware of the things that could tarnish your reputation.

Capitalizing Fear

As a growing brand, if you attempt to do business out of people’s panic regarding the situation, you won’t be able to sustain yourself in the market. Sure, you would make some profits out of it but that shall only be short term. Such short term profit-making strategies are classified as a punishable offense in some nations and cities. Rather, focus on investing your time, resources in a productive way, and utilize this time to make genuine connections with potential customers. 

Cheap Marketing Gimmicks

Don’t spread fake news to gain popularity. During such hard times, brands should understand the mindset of people and refrain from such inhuman practice. Marketers should avoid spreading distasteful messages in the public domain. Brands may gain some numbers on social media but they should not take it to be their success. Any such practice could mark the beginning of the entity’s downfall.


If any brand is running a marketing campaign, it should be purely focussed on creating brand awareness. Don’t execute competitive strategies. Therefore, try to come up with more customer-friendly policies that give the customer more flexibility to do business. Remember, if you lose touch with your customer, it will be nearly impossible for you to revive that relationship you once had. So, stay in constant touch with your customer base.


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