What is Google Ads Quality Score and How Should You Improve It?

What is Google Ads Quality Score and How Should You Improve It?

If you’re struggling to bring high-quality traffic to your website, read this post till the end and learn everything about Google Ads quality score. By the end of this post, you shall know how to make a ranking blog post.

What is Google Ads Quality Score and how to improve it?

Google ads quality score is a rating of both the quality and relevance of your keyword and Pay Per Click ads. If you have a good understanding of Google ads quality score then you will be able to conquer Pay Per Click, as a result, you will get more relevant and high-quality ads that will lead to more engagement of the audience. But, why is quality score important? The answer is simple, Google ads quality score does influence the cost of your paid search campaigns that’s why it is important to know about it. It is basically a way to know how Google rates the quality of pay per click and your keywords. You can research your keywords from Ubersuggest.

Factors affecting Google Ads quality score

Well! Let us see how many factors are there that affects your Google ads quality score:

The relevance of keywords to the ad group

It is very important to group keywords by relevance this way you will be able to construct organized and targeted ad groups. in Search Engine Optimization, it means productively targeting keywords with online content and on the other hand, creating search-friendly directions. High-quality scores help in the positioning of ads at a lower cost. you can even get more brand exposure when you are well ranked in organic search results.

Click-through rate (CTR)

It is a ratio that shows how many people, who see your ad, really click the ad. In simple words, it is the number of clicks than an advertiser gets on the ad per number of impressions. For your Pay Per Click success, you must achieve a high click-through rate. You can easily understand this with a simple formula

Total clicks on ad / Total impressions = Click-through Rate

Well… on the dashboard of your Pay Per Click account, you can see your Click-through Rate. A low Click-through Rate means, a high percentage of people who saw the ad did not click it. Click-through rate is important because it directly affects the Quality Score. 

The relevance of ad content

It can be said that ad relevance is a toot that measures how your keyword matches the message in the ad. If your score is below average that simply means ads are too specific/general to the answer of the user’s question. Another reason can be that the keyword is not relevant to your content.

Landing page relevance and it’s quality

Landing page relevance is also very significant for quality score. It judges how useful the landing page is to the people who clicked the ad. It is very important with the user’s perspective that the ad they have clicked is relevant to their searched item. Ideally, the user should end up clicking the right ad according to their interest. 

History of Google ads account performance

A good history of Google ads accounts performance will be very beneficial for you because any account with a good history of good performance will perform better than a newly made account. It will take some time to have a new account performing better but once you have started then nothing can stop you.

These are the factors that help a search engine to decide your rank in the ad auction procedure. However, it’s only Google who knows how these factors affect google’s quality score algorithm. But it’s very true that Google finds clicks on an ad a strong indication that users found the ad useful and Google believes that the ad is all for the users. As a result, you will be awarded: 

  • Higher ranking in ads
  • Lower cost

Significance of improving the score

By going through millions of Pay Per Click accounts, we realize that Google ads have a direct relation with quality score. So, it is very important to optimize the quality score so that you will get a better Return On Investment. In simple words, Google will charge you less for every ad click when you are good at meeting user’s needs.

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How to improve Google Ads Quality score?

With these simple steps you can improve your Google Ads Quality Score:

  • Relevant keywords- search for relevant keywords. It is not very difficult, you can do some research on GOOGLE KEYWORD PLANNER and get results. It is important because ad relevance history will show how relevant the text of the ad was, to the people who clicked on it. In your account you can segment by day, to see your daily scores.
  • Broader keyword- start from a higher click-through rate keyword. Refine your Ad text and must include the keywords in your text. And there you go. 
  • Create simple and tempting ads- highlight the important features in your ad and make your ad stand out from the competition. But do not ever add any fake statement.
  • Landing page experience- the landing page experience should be relevant to the interest of the user.
  • Regularly review your performance-  improve your campaign to get better results. And when you carefully watch your ads you may notice changes to your Click-through Rate.

Google Ads will form the backbone of your digital media presence. It will create innumerable leads that you could convert into sales. If you have your google ads quality score in check, your business will capture a huge market share rapidly.

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