Deep Learning Al: The future of smart network

Deep Learning Al: The future of smart network

Deep learning helps computers to identify the things and teaches what takes place naturally to humans. It helps in achieving the result, which was not possible earlier. Hence, its importance is increasing day by day.

What is Artificial Intelligence?

AI is a process, code, and algorithm. It enables machines to evolve, signify, and mimic human cognitive behavior or intelligence. In other words, we can say it as an ‘Augmented Intelligence’ Man+Machine to solve business problems better and faster. Similarly, we can see the use of AI in industries such as robotics, computer vision, virtual reality, gaming automation, and face recognition.

What is deep learning AI?

Conceptual definition: Deep learning is a computer program that recognizes what something is.

Technical definition: Deep learning is a set of machine learning algorithms. It is in the form of a neural network that uses cascade layers of processing units to excerpt features from data. For instance, it makes predictive guesses about the new data.

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Deep learning working model

In machine learning, the program has to specify the computers telling what kinds of things it should be looking for to determine the image. On the other hand, deep learning, the program builds the feature itself ‘without supervision’ to decide, what kind of image it is looking for? A computer program by using deep learning algorithms in training sets and similarly sorting through millions of images, precisely recognize the required image within a few minutes.

Why deep learning is growing?

  • Processing power is required as it is readily available using GPU s (Graphics Processing Units), distributed.
  • Computing and powerful CPUs.
  • The model seems to outperform the machine learning model, as a result, the amount of data grows.
  • Explosions of features and datasets
  • Above all focuses on customization and real-time decisions.
  • Find the latest features (super variables) without significant manual feature engineering.
  • Ensure consistent customer experience and regulate compliance.
  • Higher operational efficiencies.


  • Image recognition
  • Entertainment
  • Healthcare
  • Deceit detection
  • Auto driving cars
  • Virtual assistants
  • Adding sounds to silent movies

What are the challenges that come with Deep learning?

  • Data security: Using machine learning or deep learning methods is a multiplex ecosystem imply different systems, data format, and data movements. For an instance, a large amount of data is required to serve the shareholders in such an ecosystem. Therefore, data security is a big challenge in the circumstances of using artificial intelligence in businesses.
  •  Ensuring standardization: In an organization, to train and operate the machine learning model in production purposely, data wouldn’t have been introduced that can abstruse the performance. However, using poor-quality data training can inadvertently hamper the utility of these technologies. As machine learning and deep learning required standard quality to become expert at performing the piece of work like image recognition.
  • Deep learning network insights: Due to the abrupt layer, nodes, and connections, a problem occurs in how deep learning networks develop at insights. The decision-making process became major in a censorious application like forecasting or clinical decision making. This issue was addressed by the researchers. However, showing the work of the U.S military is attempting to develop Explainable AI. Therefore, it is necessary to take care of network insight

In conclusion, we can say that it has created the majority of developing innovations in artificial intelligence. It has built a route to integrate AI with complex applications such as robotics, video gaming, and self-driving cars. It helps to recognize things in an accurate and precise way. PayPal has applied it to avoid fraudulence in payments. Apps like cam permit the users to take the image of any object by visual search.



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