How to level up your digital marketing design game for your business

How to level up your digital marketing design game for your business

In today’s digital landscape you can’t expect to grow your business without a strategy in place. Digital marketing isn’t just about targeting the right people, it’s also about retaining them. You want your customers to stick by you, and for that you need to stand out. 

Your promotional content should be a reflection of your reliability. Follow these tips to make sure your marketing and design game is always on point:   

Make professional visuals for free

A professional account with an unprofessional outlook is the worst thing you can do for your business. Your digital presence needs to be consistent with your brand image. We’re talking brand colors, professional pictures, and catchy graphics. Even if you want to be quirky online, do it the right way. 

Your website design to your Instagram stories – everything needs to be spot on. If you can’t hire a graphic designer and don’t have the time to spend your days designing posts then try out online graphic design templates for businesses. You can pick through hundreds of professional designs that are easily customizable and ready to go. 

Using free resources wherever you can will let you spend your budget elsewhere. For example, saving on hiring a graphic designer might allow you to hire an influencer to collaborate with or run sponsored ads on Facebook. You can save time, energy and money, all while covering more digital ground with your promotions. 

Follow businesses you admire

The little things you see everyday end up inspiring you in mysterious ways. There must be a handful of businesses that you admire and want to be like. Follow them on social media and keep tabs on what exactly attracts you about their presence. Is it their color scheme? Their Instagram grid? Their website design? The influencers they work with?

Following businesses you admire gives you constant inspiration. It gets you thinking about ideas that you probably never would have imagined yourself. 

There’s nothing wrong with seeking inspiration, just make sure you aren’t copying ideas directly. You will end up realizing that for most online businesses, their brand aesthetic is their selling point. Use that to your advantage. 

Write better content

Yes, pictures and graphics matter a lot but they also need to be backed up with useful information. Your content writing should be helpful to your audience. And continent marketing is too important of an asset for you to not ace it!

In order to know your audience you need to interact with them. Have an open channel of communication. Once you know what their concerns are, launch a marketing strategy that answers their questions. 

A terminology that people use now is “edutainment”. Engaging content that also educates your audience is the content that will get the best response. So we can settle that pretty pictures are important, but you need facts to back it up intellectually. And remember when it comes to putting out content, the rule is always quality over quantity. 

Experiment with different strategies 

Playing it safe never brought anyone to the top. All business owners know one thing for sure: high risk, high reward.

We aren’t telling you to start taking unnecessary risks left and right. Instead, don’t be afraid to experiment every now and then. Dive into different digital marketing strategies and monitor the results it gives you. Over time you will be able to compare and see which strategy works best on your audience. 

Whether it’s SEO or social media marketing, there’s always something to learn and improve. Try out different design techniques. Create a moodboard for your business so that you have a document to refer to when in doubt. Spend some time on setting up aesthetic email templates. Use content planners to keep your socials organized. If you think of one new method to try, there are always ten more methods waiting to be experimented with. 

Wrapping it up

For any digital marketing campaign to be successful, it all simmers down to one ingredient: creativity. Your designs need to be out of the box, your aesthetic needs to be your personality. Now the roadmap to achieving this is up to you. 

Whatever you do, just remember to have fun with it. An occasional risky decision might completely do big numbers for your business. 

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