Google Classroom App : Everything You Need To Know

Google Classroom App : Everything You Need To Know

Google classroom app: Some paths bring you closer. Covid-19 has encouraged teachers and students to cut the four walls and enter into the digital world;  A world that prides itself on an unlimited reach of ideas, people, and skills. This content gives you in detail on Google classroom.

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What Is Google Classroom App?

Google Classroom App: a free web-based Teaching and learning platform created by Google. Here teachers can operate a class online, build curriculums too, and share assignments with students in a zero paper path. The platform simplifies teacher-student participation by grasping many G Suite services like Google Docs, Sheets, and Slides.

Who Can Utilize Google Classroom?

Normally, anyone with a Google account can make use of this Google Classroom. Organizations utilizing G Suite for Education, non-profits, schools, independent educators. Even the home-schoolers, administrators, and families are all eligible to utilize Google Classroom. Teachers and students are primary users and can access Google Classroom through a school account too.

What Are The Main Features Of This App?

Assignments: Teachers can do assignments by learning material like Youtube videos, Google Form surveys, or also PDFs from the drive. They can even assign assignments to every student or individual students. Teachers can also immediately give an assignment or schedule the assignment for a specific day.

Customizable Grading System: Teachers can opt for a grading system and build grade categories. If teachers want the overall grades to be allowed to students they can opt from any of the below systems:

  • Total Points Grading: Divide total points students earn by the maximum points available.
  • Weighted by Category wise Grading:  The average scores of each grade category calculated and multiplied with the grade weight to calculate overall grade out of 100%.
  • No Overall Grade: If the teachers opt to not grade the students.

Virtual Discussions: Teachers can invite students to answer question-given discussions and reply to classmates. Chats on google docs allow a two-way discussion, as teachers can also give feedback to students; which is an excellent path to keep students engaged, mainly when you can’t view them. Teachers can also manage the discussions by opting to mute some students from posting or even commenting too.

Announcements: Teachers can also provide updates to students through announcements. Announcements are nothing but posts with zero assignments; they’re notification for students; about deadlines, tests, or even any classwork. Teachers can schedule announcements and might control replies made on the announcement post.

Live Classes: This is one of the present features, where teachers can create a real-time class through Google Meet. Teachers can sum up to 250 people to a  call and around 1,00,000 viewers can live-stream. These meetings can also be recorded so that students who missed those live sessions can watch in any other interesting time.

How Can You Set It Up?

Anyone who has a private Gmail account can set up Google Classroom App by below steps:

1: Open out your Gmail account.

2: Click on the waffle on the top right which includes every G Suite application, and press  Classroom.

3: You’ll enter a dashboard. Press the PLUS sign on the top right and opt ‘Create Class’. If you’re a student, you can click on ‘Join a Class’ and enter the code provided by your teacher.

4: Then Enter details- class name, subject, room, etc. give a class name that your students can simply identify with; for example, Miss Anne’s Maths Class.

And importantly Google Classroom App is supported by Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer, and Safari. The Google Classroom is also available on Android and Apple iOS mobile.

What Are The Future Of These App?

The classroom paradigm mainly involved to meet an upcoming reality. Student-led learning in classrooms has given both parties and more room to explore, express, and engage themselves. Now Importantly, the world is digitally connected and  Virtual learning normally becoming the new normal too.

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Google Classroom is probably best said as a good beginning. It’s intuitive, with a lot of genuinely useful features for teachers and students too, and might also help to cut down on paper utilized in schools. But it’s also not a robust tool to replace an every-featured learning management system. Finally, this content gives in detail on Google classroom app.


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