Top Pay Per Click Marketing Trends of 2020, You Can’t Afford to Ignore

Top Pay Per Click Marketing Trends of 2020, You Can’t Afford to Ignore

Pay Per Click Marketing is the best option when it comes to generate traffic on your sites and increase in sales. So, you must be thinking what is Pay Per Click? Pay Per Click is a form of online/digital marketing. Here, advertisers bid for the keywords to optimize their ads on the search engine results page (SERP). Check out to know more about PPC and how it works for your business? 

Pay Per Click Marketing Trends of 2020

Today most of the companies are involving PPC advertising into their marketing strategies. Since we all know the dynamic of digital marketing has continued to evolve as well as its ability to generate leads has become more effective and easier. The Pay Per Click Marketing trend is all set to gear up the new dawn online. Further, with any delay Let’s dive into the latest top Paid search trend of 2020.

Pay Per Click (PPC) Automation

The immense latest trend with Pay Per Click marketing is automation. Automation is a technology that can perform requiring minimum human assistance. It includes machine learning and artificial intelligence (AI). The top companies like Google have invested enormous amounts in automation. If you want to take advantage of PPC automation. All you have to do is set your goals correctly for the business. Therefore, Google Ads will get the correct information and hence will target the ideal customer for your business. As per the reports, this year it is estimated that Google Ads will generate revenue of $39.58 billion in the US.

As automation requires minimum human assistance, it can save you time and money. Your business can focus on other projects and strategies. However, it does require regular monitoring and maintenance to see whether your campaign is meeting the desired output or not.

According to the reports, Google released 18 Google updates for Microsoft Advertising in 2019. Moreover, Bing only released 4. Furthermore, Pay Per Click automation can be used to calculate the right bidding strategy as well as enhance the cost per click (CPC)  by setting up bids for ad auctions.

Artificial Intelliegence (AI)

Artificial Intelligence with PPC will create more effective ad campaigns. The AI systems are evolving at a great pace hence it will be able to gather the data on people buying behavior. AI can help in predicting the click-through rate (CTR) of future ads and the impact it has on quality scores. It also analyzes the effective bids that are going to generate traffic for the ad campaigns.

Moreover, Artificial intelligence technologies are improving over time and performing tasks faster than humans. Many of the top advertising platforms like Google Ads, Bing, and Amazon Ads are using machine learning to improve their ad campaigns which help to target immense audiences.

Use of Video Ads and Smart Bidding

Videos are the most effective ways to transmit the message. It allows businesses to show the story of their brand and connect with their audience. To trust a brand, the audience needs to see it. If you are demonstrating your brand it will be easier for the audience to visualize. As per the reports, an average user spends 88% more time on the site which has videos. However, video advertising may cost you high but it is also one of the most effective strategies to fit in the consumer minds.

Companys are using video ad campaigns for their brand and we predict that it will continue to increase in the future. For example – YouTube is one of the most effective video advertising channels that you can try for your business.

Smart Bidding is another category for automated bidding. It uses machine learning to improve the ad campaign for conversion in the auctions. This technology is powerful but it still needs proper inputs. Smart bidding algorithms need a learning period and hence optimize the ads providing the best results. For a successful ad campaign – 

  • Firstly, Choose the right bid strategy 
  • Allow waiting period before running performance analysis 
  • Lastly, Keep Optimising 


To conclude, these Pay Per Click marketing trends of 2020 and will change the future of online advertising. So, using these PPC trends effectively will help you in targetting the right audiences as well as grow revenue for your brand. Lastly, with these evolving trends, we can say its gonna be immense action for the PPC advertisers.


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