Advertising on Bing: How it works, its CPC and steps to set up Bing Ads.

Advertising on Bing: How it works, its CPC and steps to set up Bing Ads.

If we think of Pay Per Click (PPC) advertising, it’s not uncommon to think of Bind Ads. It’s all about running ads on the Google search network so the advertising reaches the maximum number of users. Bing almost commands 23% of online search volume. If you want to market your product or service then you must know what is the power of advertising on bing. In this article, you will be learning what Bing ads are and how much it costs to set up the Bing ads.

What is Bing Advertising?

bing advertising

Bing is Microsoft’s search engine which is a substitute for Google Adwords. Bing allows you to run ads on three search engines one being Bing itself and the other are its partner networks — Yahoo, and AOL. Moreover, on the search engine result page (SERP) Bing shows display URLs below the ad headline. Bing also offers you a keyword research tool, broad match, and negative keyword targetting.

How Advertising on Bing works?

We know the fact that Bing Ads are similar to Google Ads in terms of structure and its purpose. Bing ads depend on the keywords and how much the user bid on a particular keyword.

  • Firstly, when you run advertising on bing, you create bids for a particular keyword.
  • If your bid is successful for the keywords then it will appear to the users and display on the search engine result page.
  • Bing ads are based on the PPC model for instance when you pay your bid for specific keywords, the visitors are clicking on your ad are brought to your website.

How much it cost to advertise on Bing?

The average cost per click for advertising on Bing across all the industries is $1.54. Bing Ads are cheaper than Google Ads, on average if compare the Bing ads cost $7.99 and the Google AdWords cost $20.08. Moreover, the average cost per click on Bing Ads is 70% lower as compared to Google Adwords. For example – 

  • The automobile industry cost per clicks (CPCs) is 32.5% lower on Bing as compared to Google pay per click (PPC).
  • The insurance industry cost per clicks (CPCs) is 59.2% lower on Bing as compared to Google PPC.
  • In 2015, “lawyer” was the most expensive keyword on Bing, with a bid of $109.21, it’s just an average of 33% cheaper than Google Ads. Moreover, if you are a lawyer Bing Ads can save you up to $100 per click.
  • The competition is less on Bing so its easy for you to get traffic at a low cost.

However, the traffic quality on Bing Ads CPC is lower in contrast Bing PPC can also generate more sales at a lower CPC.

Steps to set up effective Bing Ads 

You are aware of the importance of advertisements on digital platforms like Google, Facebook, Youtube, Instagram, etc. It is a great way to increase sales as well as your customers. You need a powerful strategy to maximize the money you spend on your campaign. We bring you the four easy steps to set up Bing Ads to get effective results:

Create a Bing Ads account

Bing ads create account

Firstly, you need to create a Microsoft account (in case you don’t have one) and then you can sign up on Bing for free. Further, you can easily link both your Microsoft and Bing accounts. Lastly, enter your email address and password to sign in.

To create an account on Bing you have to fill some of the information such as – 

  • Company and your name
  • Email address and Phone number
  • Location, Time Zone and Currency (You like to use)

Select your basic Bing settings

After creating your account, Bing asks you to import the Google Adwords campaigns (it’s optional). You can expand your Adwords using the Bing Ads. 

  • Create a new campaign: It pulls out all the new sets of options for you such as name, language, location (where do you want your ads to appear). 
  • Location Targeting: It helps you to run or display your ads in the specific countries or regions that you have selected. It’s important to know who is your target audience and which region will provide you with the maximum number of sales for your product and services.

Research the most effective Keywords

Keyword Planner Bing

For a successful campaign, it is the most crucial aspect for you to choose the right keywords. It’s really important to target the right keywords to target the right people. People searching for your product and services will bring to your website after searching the specific keyword. Bing offers you a Keyword Planner tool through which you can easily gather data for specific keywords and later on can create your new campaign.

Moreover, Keyword planner offers you various option such as – 

  • Find new keywords: Here you can search for new keyword reference to your business and target the right people. You can choose between a phrase, website, or a broad business category.
  • Plan your budget: You can get a cost estimate for the trends and search volume metrics for the specific keywords.

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Create your campaign

Create new campaign Bing ads

After knowing the basics you can go back to the Bing dashboard and click on the Create Campaign option. Here you will get to choose the goals for your campaign and it is also the key to track your return on investment (ROI). There are a set of options for choosing your goals such as – 

  • Visit my website
  • Visit my business locations
  • Conversion in my website
  • Sell product from your catalog

Lastly, choose the goals that are a perfect fit for your business. 


In this digital marketing era advertising on Bing can be a successful way to bring your business. If you are using Google Adwords than adding Bing Ads to your marketing strategy can provide you with the maximum visitors. If you are new to the paid search marketing you can easily set up and use the Bing Ads.

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