Billing AdWords: All You Want To Know About Adwords

Billing AdWords: All You Want To Know About Adwords

As with any characteristic of Google’s AdWords program, billing within AdWords can be confusing for the latest and upcoming users. In this context, we’ll walk through billing in Adwords in detail.

Billing Options for Paying for Google AdWords

  • To create your billing options you can simply cross to the Billing Preferences screen under the Billing menu.
  • Or you may have to go to the Billing Settings, depending on which version of AdWords Billing your account is viewing:
  • In any case of what your interface looks like there are several specific options for payment.

Method of Pay: Postpay to Prepay

  • You can plan up billing for postpay or prepay.

If you utilize postpay billing, you’ll result in advertising costs and you’ll either be billed every 30 days. Or when your account extends your billing accuracy. 

Meanwhile, if you choose prepaid, you pay for billing in advance of the advertising and creation. And when your balance goes out your ads are stopped. Besides, AdWords prefers you to use postpay so that your ads are never stopped. 

And for main advertisers, it’s good to use campaign budgets to control your spending and to use postpay billing so that you don’t have to continually update payment options. 

Once you’ve set up your account, there’s no way to manually alter settings to switch to prepaid billing.

Form of Payment: Credit, Debit, or Bank Account payment

Firstly you can do payments with a credit or debit card, or a bank account.  But direct debits from a bank account can be a little more work to plan up and can take additional time, as well.

You can also create additional forms of payment security as a backup in case you have a problem with your credit card, and of course, you can always use AdWords promotional coupons as a mode of payment if you have some.

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AdWords Billing Activity

Within the billing conclusion (or transaction history, depending on the version of the UI you’re viewing) you can view your transaction history and what you’re being billed, And also on what you are account is being credited, and where your balance has stood up:

How to Set Up Billing in AdWords on Web Marketing

After setting your account in AdWords, you’ll need to plan up billing to get your ads running and your web marketing on its way to winning.

1. Click the Billing tab and opt Billing Preferences to open the Billing Options page.

2. And also Set your country location and currency. You can’t change this later so be sure it’s right before moving on. To change other pieces of billing information at any period after set up, simply click my Account tab and the Billing option link. The Billing option page is where you can change your billing address, form of payment, and credit card information.

3. And then click continue.

4. Fill in the billing profile with your name, billing address, and phone number. When it’s finished, click Continue.

You’re taken to the opt Your Settings page, which includes a lot of options.

  • Choose to make payments manually.
    Automatic payments mean that you pay Google after your account has accumulated clicks and also its costs. You have the option of paying by credit card or straight debit from a bank account:
  • Bank account: If you choose the bank account, your AdWords account is bound to a bank account that Google can debit after clicks have accrued.
  • Credit Card: If you opt this, Google charges your credit card for clicks in the same way that it withdraws money from a bank account.

2.  Manual payments called that you deposit a set amount of money from which Google will debit and credit your account for that amount. You can only utilize a credit card. You set the money for Google to charge you. As clicks sum up, Google debits that money from your account, and you should refill the account. Hence you can have the account refill automatically.
Also, Google’s billing cycle is 30 days. Your card is charged after 30 days or as you reach each of the following accuracies, that is whichever comes first:

  • First billing threshold: $50.
  • Second billing threshold: $200.
  • Third billing threshold: $350.
  • Fourth (and final) billing threshold: $500.

3. After you aim all these accuracies, $500 becomes your daily billing rate. If you are a great enterprise, however, you can request to go on invoicing and have your threshold maximized. You will need advice from an AdWords employee to access invoicing as well as to meet any spending requirements.

4.  And then click Continue.
After you choose your billing option, Google exhibits its Terms of Service page.

5. Analyze and agree to the terms of service; then click Continue.
If you don’t agree with this, you won’t be an AdWords advertiser.

6.  On the Billing desire page, input your billing details and credit card number.

7. Finally, click the Save and Activate button.
Google charges your card a one-period, nonrefundable, and also $5 activation fee. Hence your account is live, and your first campaign is showing ads!


Finally, there aren’t more difficult decisions to make around AdWords billing. But learning some of the basic payment options and knowing where to go to drill down into how. specifically, you’re being charged can be helpful for newer AdWords advertisers. Hence this content gives you in detail on Billing in Adwords.


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