WhatsApp Marketing: All About WhatsApp Marketing

WhatsApp Marketing: All About WhatsApp Marketing

WhatsApp Marketing: Firstly, it is a new way to reach your customers. When you’re thinking about several types of marketing channels to talk and engage with your ideal customers, what is the first part that comes to mind? Mostly Facebook with its 2.167 billion active users. Maybe Instagram too with it’s 800 million active users? also Twitter with its 330 million active users or LinkedIn that has 260 million active users. You’re mostly on there too. But there is another platform out there, called a text-based platform, which has more users than Instagram and LinkedIn. And, surely, you’re not on there yet. It’s known as WhatsApp.

What is WhatsApp?

WhatsApp is nothing but a messaging platform that utilizes your phone’s internet connection to send messages, images, files, or make voice calls to other WhatsApp users. WhatsApp also has a business type of version, called WhatsApp Business, where you get all the quality of the normal version and a host of some more characteristics. Moreover, WhatsApp Business is only available for Android presently.

To utilize WhatsApp, you’ll have to download it first and then set it up by your phone number. The app will utilize your phone contacts to show a list of WhatsApp users that you can message with. If anyone has your number saved on their phone, they’ll be able to view you on their list as well.

On WhatsApp, you can text with individual users or create groups of up to 256 people and chat with them all together.

What are the Strategies of WhatsApp Marketing?

As you all know that WhatsApp is a great platform for your business, there are a few more things that come along with it. For instance, WhatsApp doesn’t provide ads, nor does it have the topic of a business account. This means that brands will have to be more creative in the path that they address potential customers through the platform.

WhatsApp’s group chat strategies also make it a poor choice for large scale campaigns, as you’re limited to 256 people at a period.

Features of WhatsApp Marketing?

Real-time customer chat

Through WhatsApp Marketing, you’ll be able to provide customer service in the real-period. WhatsApp has several features, like chat, and voice or video calls, that you can utilize to support your customers. This not only has the benefit of improved customer service but also guarantees that you’re able to provide direct and private treatment to your users.

It’s not just customer service that WhatsApp can be benefitted for, though. You can even use WhatsApp to take orders from your customers or ensure them with great discounts.

It may also be a good idea to use WhatsApp Web to increase your service. Using your computer’s keyboard and webcam will access you to provide unparalleled support to your users.

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Fully utilize the WhatsApp’s features

WhatsApp has many features that you can utilize to your advantage. For instance, the platform has its status characteristic, which accesses you to upload posts as statuses that disappear after 24 hours. You can utilize this if you want to be less aggressive in your marketing, but it’s also a good way to announce flash sales to your customers. For instance, you can provide them to take a screenshot of the QR code on your story and exhibit it at your store to receive a discount on their purchases.

On top of the status, you can share your location with quiring customers. If someone wants to know where your market is, you can straightly send them the location in WhatsApp. The recipient will be then allowed to open it on their phones in Google Maps.

Finally, WhatsApp also has payment characteristics, that provide you to send and receive money through the use of APIs. The first time you utilize WhatsApp payments, it’ll query you to set up your UPI, after that you can receive money, or drive refunds to your customers. However, this type of payment will only work if your clients have the WhatsApp payments plan as well.

Make messages more attractive

WhatsApp allows various formatting options to make your messages view appealing. You can either italicize or bold particular parts of your text to emphasize parts of your message. To italicize text, set it between underscores, and to make it bold, also put it between asterisks.

Also ensure that you can send GIFs, images, and videos with your text. This can increase your text more attractive to readers. You can opt to add emojis to your message, and also add a little expressive flair.

Hence, always try to keep your content as brief and interesting as possible.


In Conclusion, WhatsApp recently launched the business version of its app, even though it’s only available for Android right now. The business app has all the characteristics of the normal one, with a few additions. Hence this content gives you in detail on the All about Whatsapp marketing?


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