Google Analytics for SEO

Google Analytics for SEO

If you have a blog or a website and you’ve been wondering how you could track the traffic, Google Analytics is the solution. 

Not only will it track the traffic for you but it will help you devise SEO strategies for your future business. 

Google Analytics for SEO

It doesn’t matter whether your website is for your personal use or professional use, google analytics will solve all your traffic-related issues.

Why do You Need Google Analytics?

Analytics will track your website’s performance in terms of the number of people visiting and their behavior on your website. You need all such information to formulate your sales strategies and modify your terms. Therefore, analytics will play a vital role in your strategy planning phase.

Following are some reasons as to why you should use analytics:

Source of Visitors

Visitors on your website majorly come from two sources, search or referral. This is important for you to know so that you know where to spend more next time. Therefore, analytics will tell you whether the traffic is from organic means or through paid advertising. 

Organic Conversions

This is very important for the growth of the website. Organic SEO sometimes becomes very difficult and requires a decent amount of patience for noticeable results. It requires a lot of keyword research, competitor research, and strategizing. Analytics will la the already present traffic in an easy report form using which you can plan your future contents.


Analytics will also bifurcate your traffic based on geographic locations. This is important so that you can come up with some dedicated products and services for the city that gives you the most traffic. You can use paid advertising to create awareness of your brand in the cities that you prefer to expand. 


You will be using multiple keywords on your website to rank your blogs on the search engines. To avoid the confusion as to which keyword brings the most amount of traffic or which is the best performing keyword, analytics provide you with a report. Therefore, analytics will help you in choosing better keywords in your future blog posts which will eventually help in ranking your website.


It is very important for you to know which page attracts the most traffic. Analytics will tell you which page the traffic spends the most time on. You can further work on such pages to make them more user friendly and provide a better user experience. This data can also be used to advertise your products and services on that particular page. 


A major part of the population browses the internet through their mobile devices. Now, this is important for you to know and update your website accordingly. Analytics will tell you the exact bifurcation using which you can divide your time and resources.

How does Analytics Will help in SEO?

Getting results solely from organic SEO could be a time-consuming process. You can’t afford to make a mistake in executing SEO strategies. Analytics will provide an immense amount of data using which you can eradicate the probable scope for any errors.


Analytics will clearly tell you which of the strategies are working and which strategies did not perform well. Using this data you can easily analyze your assumptions that you made in past and work on them for future strategies. 

Reality Check

Reports generated by analytics will give you a clear picture as to where your strategy planning went off track. Therefore, the digital marketing team will have to amend their future strategies for the website.

Analytics Reports

Above mentioned resorts could be of following types:

Audience Reports

This report will provide data bifurcated on a demographic basis and general interests. Also, analytics will provide you with the frequency at which a user visits your website. Also, read conversion rate optimization.

Acquisition Reports

Traffic comes to your website from various sources. The acquisition report will tell you the various ways the traffic landed on your website. It could be from anywhere, social media, referrals, search engines, and other sources. Therefore, you really need to be vigilant about the places you advertise your websites on.

Behavior Reports

Visitors show different behavior once they reach your website. Some look for contact information and some go for the about us page. While others browse the listed products and services on the website.


In conclusion, analytics will tremendously help you in your Organic SEO growth. All you need to do is learn how to read the various reports provided by analytics.

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