Conversion Rate Optimization

Conversion Rate Optimization

Ever wondered why your digital marketing strategies aren’t working and producing enough results? You need to understand your traffic’s behavior on your website. Conversion Rate Optimization is the study of the visitor’s behavior on your website, the actions they take, the pages they visit, and the time they spend on the website. 

Now, CRO doesn’t focus on driving new traffic on the website but focuses on optimizing the website in order to boost the sales with the existing customers.

What is Conversion Rate?

Conversion Rate is the percentage of people taking actions on your website out of the total number of people visiting the website I .e.traffic. Actions could be according to the product or service that you’re selling. According to that, a visitor can purchase the product, subscribe to a service. Now, this conversion happens with the traffic that is already visiting your website and does not attract fresh traffic. Therefore, CRO is different from SEO which mainly focuses on the ways to drive traffic to the website through organic ways or paid advertisements.

Why do CRO?

CRO is very important for understanding the traffic behavior so that you can convert most of them into sales. Following are the reasons to consider:


There’s always scope for improvement in every website. Therefore, traffic behavior can help you understand the lacunas on your website and you can fix it later.


There’s a lot of money you spend on online paid advertising. CRO is practically free. You just need to analyze your analytics and make certain changes in your strategies. Therefore, CRO is cost-efficient.

Better Leads

Once you work on your analytics and understand the traffic behavior, you can change your digital marketing strategies and work on better ways to drive in more traffic. Therefore, CRO will contribute to giving better leads.


CRO provides better customer understanding. You can use this to change the products and services that you provide. CRO gives you a complete understanding of your existing customers so that you can make better strategies.


Customers often have to enter their personal details including bank details. The brand should establish a strong and trustworthy relationship with its customers. Your website should exhibit such features.

Ways to do Conversion Rate Optimization

Now, CRO is a process that will give you a complete idea of your existing customer base. So, you understand the importance of it. Following are some ways to do it:

Landing Page

This is the page that customers land first on your website. You can optimize this landing page and make it highly attractive and informative. This will retain the visitors on the website for a longer period of time. Also, read landing page optimization.

Call To Action(CTA)

Your website needs to be as engaging as possible for visitors to stay. You should include social media handles, buy now links, contact information, etc just so the website becomes a little interactive in its own way.


Analytics divide the traffic into various categories. It will tell you about the device of the visitor so that you can optimize your website according to such devices.

Tools for CRO

Now, CRO is an easy process but there are tools to make your job easier. Following are some tools for CRO:

Google Analytics

Google Analytics will give you the complete details of the traffic on your website. It will divide the traffic into various categories based on gender, demographic, age, geographic location, etc. It will generate reports for you that you can use to make better plans for your website.


Moz is an incredible tool for traffic analysis. The advantage that Moz has over Google Analytics is that it doesn’t require every web-page to be added in the dashboard separately. It will do it all together at once.


In conclusion, Conversion Rate Optimization clearly has some major advantages that you cannot ignore while formulating digital marketing strategies. It has more advantages over Search Engine Optimization as it is free of cost. Therefore, the basic idea is to understand how the user moves on your website from one page to another. 

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