SEO Audit: Assess the Efficiency & Effectiveness

SEO Audit: Assess the Efficiency & Effectiveness

It’s great that you have your up and running. But do you know how well your website is performing in terms of SEO? Are you aware of any broken backlinks on your website? Is your website getting enough exposure for crawlers to crawl? This post shall explain to you everything about an effective SEO audit.

What is an Audit in Digital Marketing?

SEO audit is a process of checking the health of your website in terms of backlinking, content, organic search results, etc. Doing an SEO audit for your website is as important as the basic SEO and content creation. It consists of reviewing SEO strategies, content, backlinking with an objective to find the lacunas, and fixing them.

It also covers the issues regarding the conversion of leads into sales.

The Focus of SEO Audit

SEO audit focuses on many areas of the website to narrow down the issues that need to be fixed. Following are such areas that such audit covers:

  • Latent Semantic Index(LSI): LSI means the context that the primary keyword carries. You can understand it as a secondary keyword or a long tail keyword version of the primary keyword.
  • Keyword: SEO audit will give you an idea as to how well you’re using the keywords. Also, whether the keywords that you’re using are of any use or not. If keywords are not on point, the website would have no purpose to serve. Therefore, auditing keywords is very important.
  • Competition: Your competitors in the market are also doing SEO. You could analyze their strategies and take inspiration from them. It’s important to learn from your competitors so that you don’t make the same mistakes which they did.
  • Organic reach: Organic SEO is mostly free of cost. All it takes a little in-depth research to devise penetrating strategies. SEO audit identifies whether your organic SEO is on point or not. It will advise as to whether or not you need a paid advertisement campaign. Therefore, this forms one of the most important areas covered by an SEO audit.
  • Programming issues: SEO audit will narrow down all the coding bugs that must’ve occurred during programming. Now, this field of the audit is usually dealt with by a technical expert.

What does an SEO Audit do?

  • Crawling: Understanding the search engine crawlers is a very hard task. The audit will help you assess all the relevant aspects such as the structure of the website, blog content, backlinks, images, permalinks, etc. Digital marketers advise doing such an assessment at least once a month.
  • Speed: Page loading speed forms one of the most important aspects in terms of user experience. No visitor would ever visit back once he gets annoyed by the slow page loading speed. The audit will let you know the exact reason for such a slow speed. Therefore, you can rectify the issue for the seamless user experience.
  • Website Architecture: The most important aspect to convert leads into sales is to give the visitor seamless user experience. A poorly constructed website would never be able to provide such satisfaction to the visitor. A well designed and structured website will attract more traffic to the website. 
  • Backlinks: Backlinking has always been the foundational step of SEO. It helps the crawlers to crawl web page links more number of times. Therefore, it increases the discoverability of the page. On the other hand, backlinking could also prove to be harmful to the website. If the linking is done with a website having poor domain authority, it pulls down the credibility of your own website. Hence, the audit will locate such broken or bad backlinks so that you can fix them or get rid of them.
  • Content: The primary thing that keeps a website alive is blog posts. If you don’t have such a niche, you could opt for regular videos or any other form of content. The main thing to remember is that never compromise with the quality of the content. Your content (written and visual) should be properly optimized. 

Auditing Tools

Not everyone is an expert in digital marketing and SEO. So, they can rely on some tools which will make their work easy. Following are such tools:

  • MOZ: This tool will analyze your web pages and keywords. 
  • Google Analytics: Google Analytics will tell you everything about the traffic on your website. You can plan your forthcoming advertisement campaigns according to such analytics.
  • Ahrefs: This tool will analyze your competitors for you. Therefore, you can stay one step ahead of your competitors.

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In conclusion, SEO audit is not just an audit for your website, it is an audit for your marketing and advertising strategies. You might be struggling very hard in SEO, might even be spending a hefty amount. But until you cross verify each move, it won’t fruit.

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