Email Marketing: A New Form of Digital Marketing

Email Marketing: A New Form of Digital Marketing

Email Marketing We all are aware of what an Email is. The service that helps to send and receive mails or messages over a network from one electronic device to another, supporting this service. One of the fast and easy mode of communication through which one can send a particular piece of information to multiple recipients at the same time.   


Well, if you want to know more, let’s learn about it!

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  1. What is Email Marketing
  2. Steps in email marketing
  3. Benefits of email marketing
  4. Conclusion

What is Email Marketing?

It is one of the marketing techniques that can be used to increase traffic and sales by sending Emails. It is an act of sending a commercial message with a common purpose, typically to a group of people, using email. One just needs an ESP (Email Service Provider) account in which hundreds and thousands of recipients can be added and with just one click, one’s commercial mail will be sent to all the recipients added. Some of the ESPs are Hubspot, Mailchimp, Aweber, Amazon Email Service, etc.


1. Acquire a database of Email IDs.

2. Segment the database into different lists. These lists can be classified based on:

  • Demographics
  • Location
  • Stage of customers (existing, new, or churned)
  • Acquired marketing medium (like social media, backlinks, etc.)

3. Sign up for any ESP, say Mailchimp, Amazon Email Service, etc.

4. Create a campaign- creative of the email content.

5. Select the list of the recipients you wished to share the information with.

6. Click Send and you’re all set to step into the world of Email Marketing!

Benefits of Email Marketing:

  • A large number of users use Email in their everyday lives. According to a tech survey, around 61% of the total world’s population check their emails daily.
  • Control of the message and content is in the sender’s hand.
  • The cost of marketing is very low and better ROI (Return on Investment) can be achieved.
  • Users can effectively achieve a personalized experience while using it.
  • It can help in getting quality traffic of clients, subscriptions, leads, and sales without investing a huge amount.

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Therefore, Email Marketing is a cheap, easy to use, and easily accessible form of marketing technique that do not need any specific knowledge or skills to start with. Any Email user can take the benefits of this mode of marketing. All he or she needs is good content, basic knowledge of Email, and an ESP to run campaigns and earn traffic, leads, or sales for his or her products and services.

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