Social Media Marketing – For The Millions Watching you

Social Media Marketing – For The Millions Watching you

“Social Media Marketing is all about people and their interest! It’s not about the business you run. It provides people what they need and the people will engage and provide you back.”

So, then nowadays everyone is familiar with these words which are social media and marketing. These terms are a part of Digital Marketing & have a great impact on the world. Everyone is involved in one way or the other to this field. Let’s assume, you aren’t that familiar with social media and marketing. Worry not! We will cover those topics as we move on.

The topics we will learning and understanding in an interactive way are as follows:

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  1. What is Social Media and Marketing?
  2. What is Social Media Marketing (SMM)?
  3. What’s the use of SMM?
  4. How can you use SMM?
  5. How much can you earn by starting your career in SMM?
  6. Conclusion.

So, as we now know the topics we are going to cover, this will help you engage in it way easier than the people who start without researching and consulting.

The further you will be reading, the preferable you can be, just some patience is needed and you won’t be regretting this.”

SMM Strategies

What is Social Media and Marketing?

Social Media:

Social media is a digital tool that helps users in creating and sharing content quickly with people. It covers a wide range of applications and online websites. Some of them include Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, Whatsapp, Snapchat, etc specialized in sharing links and short written messages.

There are multiple platforms we should know about before we go ahead and learn more in-depth.

Some social media platform to talk about such as:

  4. INSTAGRAM etc.



Snapchat is a famous messaging app where users can exchange images and videos termed as snaps. These snaps are meant to disappear after another user has seen. It’s promoted as a “new type of camera” that is because it has a feature of capturing a picture or video, add filters to see something new, lenses and share them with friends




It’s an expert’s website platform, created for helping people to start having business connections, share experiences, resumes, and find jobs. It’s based on features like connecting to friends,  sharing and liking content, and messaging other users.




YouTube is a video sharing platform service where users can watch, share, comment, and upload videos created by them. This service can be accessed by going on  PCs, laptops, and mobile phones.




Instagram allows users to edit and upload their content such as photos and short videos through a mobile application. Each post by a user will be shown on the follower’s feeds and it can also be seen by the public when tagged. Users have the option to make their profile private so that only the followers can view their posts.

So, we have learned and understood that social media exists in a world where people are engaging with each other one way or the other.

One of the famous Businessmen once said “The faster the social media has come into our lives, the faster will be the demand for the professionals has increased in this field.”

What is Marketing? Know Key Factor To Success In Digital World

If I were to say, what if marketing didn’t exist in the first place? If this scenario is true then it could be challenging for countries, companies, entrepreneurs, normal people to grow their reach and help in designing and bringing new things in the world to learn and explore.


Marketing is all about how you can make your audience or customer engage in the design you are providing at the right place and at the right time. 

Now, as we know about marketing the next important thing is the process, how is the process of the marketing done. Steps are as follows:


  •  Probe: Probe means to research things, a design where it can make your product known
  •  Strategy: Making a plan for executing and publishing the product with success.
  •  Build: Start building the design you researched for completion and publication.
  •  Optimization: The act of getting an efficient or most effective manner of using a situation or resource.
  •  Publish: Advertising your design product to the world so they know about it.
  •  Promote: Make your design product known through other platforms like on Social Media.
  •  Track: Checking the progress made by advertising the product.
  •  Refining: The profit made by selling the product.

Now, we understand what Marketing is. So onto the main topic of this article SOCIAL MEDIA MARKETING.


What is Social Media Marketing?

Are You Ready to Get Work With Social Networks?

Today’s digital customers require that your business is on multiple platforms. All the information online shows that a customer would choose to reach out via social media instead of picking up the phone for calling.

Social media communication is a little different from traditional forms of media, like broadcasting, where an individual or a company is sharing information with a big amount of people. That’s because the very nature of social media is intimate and personal.

Social Media Marketing Goals

You can choose from a wide range variety of goals with SMM — it will all depend on your final marketing strategy. Examples of famous goals for SMM:

  1. Community engagement increase
  2. Sales and lead gene
  3. Ration
  4. Customer retention
  5. Website traffic growth
  6. Audience growth
  7. Handling negative feedback
  8. Feedback search

No matter whatever your goals are, you have to show and use them with precision, it will help create your SMM strategy and content.

What’s The Use Of SMM?

The important goal of SMM is to enhance interactions with users, increase the worth of your brand, and reach more customers.

SMM can be done by producing quality content. This makes people share your content and give you more reach in your social network platform. The point of SMM is to receive direct feedback from users so that the company gets a personal stamp at the same time, i.e. it appears more human-like.

With the means of interaction features we have on social networks, the customers gain the chance of being heard, either by asking queries or by complaints.

This type of SMM can be called Social Customer Relation Management (SCRM), which will further lead us to enhance credibility and return on investment (ROI) if the users are satisfied with the content, relationship, and service.


How Can You Use SMM?

SMM works on the principle of Social Media Optimization (SMO), which is the growth of company image on social networks.

Similar to Search Engine Optimization (SEO), SMO is like a magnet that attracts unique visitors to the targeted website.

Why will search engines need to be caring towards Social Media?

The answer is simple. Many people are engaging themselves in social media to search for stuff, share, and participate in creating a strong network of links.

SMM, that is SMO, can be completed in two ways:

  1. Active SMM promotion
  2. Passive SMM promotion

Active SMM promotion

Active promotion means adding applications that direct us from the content on the website towards social networks. Social networks which can be used as a way of SMM are the following:

  1. Facebook
  2. Twitter
  3. LinkedIn
  4. Instagram
  5. YouTube

Every social network has made its Terms and Conditions, which are different for normal persons and legal entities such as companies.

What companies gain is the choice of launching a paid ad campaign so that they could reach wider audiences, thus improving the traffic of a website.

Passive SMM promotion


Passive promotion means spreading activities on social networks by putting on status, posting images, tweets, or articles on blogs.

User’s reactions can be analyzed to resolve queries, problems, and remove dissatisfaction and by that, the brand experience will increase.

How much can you earn by starting your career in SMM?

The salary you will get by working in Social Media at the beginning depends on your skill. The starting salary of social media marketers would be between 15,000 and 50,000 rupees.

If you are creative and can bring new ideas about your project, you will get a salary higher than the level of a beginner.

Promotions and increments depend only on skills, you might get a promotion after 3 to 6 months of your job or after 2 to 3 years. According to specialists, a beginner can earn up to 1.8 lakh to 2.8 lakh annually. 


Salary Based on Posts in Social Media Marketing

Social Media Executive: 15000 Per Month to 25000 per Month.


You can get the job in Social Media Marketing right after college or at a fresher level as Social Media Executive. So, no experience is required here.

Social Media Administrator/Specialist/Account Manager: 25,000 rupees per month to 35,000 Rupees per month in India.


After working and getting experience of 2 to 3 Years as a Social Media Executive, you will be eligible for the post of Social Media Administrator, Specialist, or Account Manager.

Social Media Manager: In India, salary varies from 40,000 rupees/month to 100,000 rupees/month which depends on your experience and the type of organization you will be working in. Social media Manager is Rs. 31,00,000/annum in the USA which is an average salary.


After having some experience that is  3 to 6 years in this field, you can get the post of Social Media Manager.

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Social Media Marketing Strategy is all about Sociology and Psychology more than Technology. SMM makes strong Customer Relationships and helps the company to increase Sales, Traffic, Sustainability, and Growth. 

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