LinkedIn for Marketing: Value Addition for Your Business

LinkedIn for Marketing: Value Addition for Your Business

LinkedIn was traditionally perceived to be a platform just for professionals and job seekers. There’s no doubt that still millions of professionals use it for heightening their networks. But there are young professionals who’ve been using LinkedIn for marketing and sales.

Market Your Business Using LinkedIn

People use LinkedIn for generating leads, converting such leads into sales. Hence, using it for their financial growth.

Now, we cannot deny that LinkedIn is not for professionals. Rather, it is a social media platform for professionals. People have been using it for developing professional connections, career development, and other business-related discussions.

Therefore, LinkedIn is not similar to other social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, or twitter. Also, read the Importance of Social Media Marketing.

The approach to sustain on this platform and lure in business is totally different from other platforms.

How To Use LinkedIn For Marketing?

Although LinkedIn is different from other platforms, it is not very difficult to use it. You need to remember certain points and you’re good to go.

  • Profile URL: Change your profile URL to the name of your business or your trade name. This will help you in the SEO of your profile and will also help the visitors to identify you.
  • Background picture: LinkedIn finally introduced the feature of a cover photo on your profile. This enables you to exhibit your artistic side to the visitors. You can use this space to communicate about all the products and services that you offer.
  • Profinder: Adding this badge will make you more discoverable amongst the contractors who’re looking for freelancers.
  • SEO: SEO could be applied to your LinkedIn profile as well. Therefore, use all the high ranking keywords to attract more traffic to your profile.
  • Endorsements: This feature lets you put the approval of people whom you’ve worked with. Using this, you can promote your skills and sell yourself more.
  • Groups: You can join groups of like people and connect with them. You can also make your own group where you can discuss more the product and services that you’re selling.

Strategies for LinkedIn 

Like every advertising platform, LinkedIn deserves its fair share of attention. If done right, it will draw immense traffic to your profile and website. Therefore, proper strategizing and execution should follow.

  • Locating highly targeted connections: One of the hardest tasks in advertising and marketing is to find potential customers. Therefore, this has to be properly planned out. These potential customers become your leads and later you can convert these leads into sales.
  • Awareness: Awareness is the first step in marketing. LinkedIn provides you ample opportunities to master this stage. Therefore, you should focus on creating and maintaining the brand image.
  • Quality Content: Every piece of content that goes out on your profile should be value providing. High-quality content conveys the story better than the usual.
  • Groups: There’s a lot that goes into the LinkedIn groups. Therefore, you should join as many relevant groups as possible. Also, don’t forget to create your own group. This is where you should post about your products and services.

Tools For Growing On LinkedIn

I’ve mentioned that every piece of the content on your profile should be high-quality and value providing. There’s no need to worry if you’re not a graphic designer or cannot hire one. There are some basic tools that you can use and create such high-performing content.

  • Canva: Canva is a tool that lets you create image-based content. The best feature of Canva is that it lets you design in custom sizes. May it be LinkedIn cover pictures or profile pictures or even images for your regular posts, Canva got you covered.
  • Slideshare: If your posts need PowerPoint presentations, PDFs or word documents, Slideshare is the tool that’ll help you. Adding such documents will enhance your reach among your audience and drive more traffic to your profile.
  • Hootsuite: Putting up posts every day, replying to the comments, and managing analytics could be a troublesome task for any social media manager. Hootsuite is designed to make such tasks much easier. Therefore, it will help you create a social media calendar, scheduling posts, or responding to comments.

In conclusion, LinkedIn could be used as a marketing tool by any business irrespective of size, nature, and financials. It is the largest platform where people connect with each other in a professional capacity. Therefore, with the help of the tools mentioned in this post, you can enhance your market share drastically.

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