Jobs for Cyber Security and Every detail on Cyber Security

Jobs for Cyber Security and Every detail on Cyber Security

Jobs for Cyber Security is increasing at pace and are one of the highest-paying jobs. Today most of the work whether it’s related to, advertising, transaction, etc. processes online. Therefore, Cybercrime or Cyberattack is the biggest threat during this century. Technology is evolving in the same vein cyber crimes are increasing too across the globe. What is the solution for that? So, the solution to this is Cybersecurity.  In this article, we are gonna discuss Cybersecurity and the jobs for Cyber Security,

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Cybersecurity safeguards the database from cyberattacks. Firstly, let’s start with cyber. What is cyber? Cyber refers to Changing Yesterday’s Behaviour For Enhancing Results. To say, it is anything involving a computer, various information, as well as data, are stored on the computer. However, these data can be hacked very easily. Here enters cybersecurity. For instance, we do not put a lock on the phone consequently, anyone will be able to access it and misuse our information or data. To avert this phone lock was created similarly cybersecurity was created to secure the data, server, networks from cyberpunk. Further, It has several layers of protection.

What are Jobs for Cyber Security?

A career in cybersecurity is an extremely good option. Try to do a cybersecurity certification course before opting for it. The more you know about it the more it is beneficial to you. Jobs for Cyber Security in today’s era are in tremendous demand. Some of the cybersecurity jobs are:-

Cyber Security Analyst 

As a Cyber Security Analyst, one performs internal and external audits and helps in planning and upgrading security measures. The salary of a cybersecurity Analyst starts with 5 lakh per annum.

Security Architect

As a security architect, the job is to design the network and computer security of a company. The salary starts with 17 lakh per annum.

Network Security Engineer

They maintain systems as well as identify vulnerability and improve automation. Moreover, their salary begins with 5 lakh per annum.

Chief Information Security Officer

The work of CISO is to see if the cybersecurity plan is aligned with the business’s operation and technology. They observe the security policy and procedures within the organization. Their salary begins with 50 lakhs per annum.

Cyber Security Manager

To manage, a manager needs to look into the security codes throughout the company. So,to formulate a strategy to increase network and ensure there are no loopholes in the security. Moreover, their salary begins with 12lakh per annum.

Salary for Cyber Security Jobs

Salary for Cyber Security

How does Cybersecurity work?

Cyber Security uses hardware and software to safeguard the data to the network. Therefore, Network Security protects the infrastructure and shield.

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Types of Cyberattacks

There are numerous types of cyberattacks. Some of the common types of cyberattacks are:-

  • Phishing attack: It is a type of attack used to steal data like credit card details or login details.
  • Whale Phishing attack: It targets the CEO or CFO.
  • Malware attack: A type of attack where the cyberpunk creates software, on some other devices to hack it.
  • Drive-by attack: Sometimes, hackers attack indirectly. For example, the user visits a website which is malware. This is a Drive-by attack.
  • Trojan Horses: It is a type of attack which by looking lawful can attack your computer via software and attack on the same.

Tips on Cybersecurity

  • Firstly, Wifi network protection.
  • Do not use the default password. Create your password between 8-12 characters. That includes upper and lower case letter, one number, and a unique character.
  • Again install Antivirus Software and make sure it is running.
  • Similarly do not open texts, sites, or mails whom you do not identify.
  • Lastly, Turn the GPS and Bluetooth off if you do not use it as it allows the hackers to track your device.


To sum up, as the rising attacks are increasing and because of this jobs for Cyber Security are high in demand. Try to follow these tips for Cyber Security.  The Tech world is fun, therefore the more you will know about it the less you will be the victim. Lastly, Dive into the course of the cybersecurity to know more about it.

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