Graphic Programming

Graphic Programming

Graphic designing remains the core of every visual interface out there. But, graphic programming is the foundation of all user interfaces. Programming will give you access to develop and change software from scratch.

Graphic Programming

The best thing about graphic programming is that you get to see immediate results. This way you could edit your codes right away and make it better and desirable.

You could use C++ to come up with basic graphics. You can also use other languages. Also, read website programming languages.

This post shall explain everything about it.

The Three Dimensional World Of Graphic Programming

To understand graphic programming, first, you need to know about the way you perceive your world. You need to learn the coordinate system. Experts sometimes add a fourth dimension i.e. time. Which basically is very important for CGI. To give you a little perspective, two dimensions are the photographs that are printed. 

Graphics programming is about creating nonreal images to create a realistic-looking image. The experienced graphic designers make these images as real as possible. Therefore, it’s all about having an artistic vision and knowing your way around the codes.

Designing The Virtual World

The basic step to get into graphic programming is to understand the process of defining the reference points in space.

For this, you need to understand the idea of origin in the three-dimensional world. Origin is the center of any desired universe. Every place in the universe has a path towards it and that point is denoted by coordinates. There are three axes in this world. The X-axis, Y-axis, and Z-axis.

This little universe is often referred to as a coordinate system.

Imaging This Virtual World

The process of starting from just an idea in two dimensions and reaching a final three-dimensional design is quite a hard task. It requires a certain perspective. Earlier, only designers with good mathematics could design incredible artworks. Whereas, now it is quite simple. You could actually see the outcome as and when your code.

So, you can check your design and see what you’ve designed so far. 

There are rulers in the program to give you an idea about the coordinates of the space. You can measure the distance with the help of these rulers. 

Firstly, the three-dimensional world that you’re going to draw in, needs to be described. You should define every corner of your space. Secondly, you have to create a rendering process. This will process all the images to create a 3D scene.

For rendering the images into the final 3D design, mathematics is very important. Eventually, the computer with a better processor will perform much better than that with a low performing processor.

Computer graphics is basically mathematics applied to a computer program whose main task is to create a design. 

Next comes animation. The basic difference between design and animation is that the animation takes a certain time to complete its loop execution.  Although, animation and graphic designs overlap at a certain level. It includes simulations to create fluid-like motions.

In the end, comes rendering. 

The rendering depends totally on the computational capabilities of the processor. Therefore, you can go for higher Frames Per Second(fps) if your processor allows.

Getting Started

At the initial stage, you should know geometry is very important for designing. Although you can proceed without having any knowledge about geometry, it’s always an added advantage. 

Apart from geometry, matrices work designing. They have a major role in handling transformations. 

You can refer to books on geometry to improve your basic skills. Read a good book that will explain all the basic concepts and formulas. Read the book in its entirety because many authors have written the book with an assumption that you might be aware of the basic concepts already. You can buy one here.


In conclusion, graphical programming is not all about mathematics or geometry. Therefore, it is all about creativity and trying to experiment with your skills. Coordinates handle the changes, transformations, and movements of the shapes and vectors that you’ve drawn.

In the end, you have to choose a platform and start coding your designs. Although the theory is important, practice is the only thing that will increase your designs.

In addition, mathematics and geometry are very important for advanced graphic programming.

Just keep your basics clear and you should do really well.

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