How Can Social Commerce Drive Brand Trust, Sales, & Growth?

How Can Social Commerce Drive Brand Trust, Sales, & Growth?

Since the beginning of social media, it has increased the opportunities for brands to expand their market and audience at the global level. As constantly the power of social media is exploding, many brands and businesses are struggling to establish their presence on these platforms. But what is the reason that these brands are coming on these platforms? The answer is, social media platforms are helping brands to build customer relationships, trust, increase sales, and grow their brands at an exponential scale that any brand ever imagined. 

The expansion of social media marketing has introduced the new concept of marketing which is called Social Commerce. Before this, brands were only able to promote their products and services over social media channels, but now they can convert and make sales directly through social media channels. 

Do you want to know how exactly social commerce works? Then keep sticking with this blog and read it till the end so that you can also leverage the great potential of social commerce for your brand. 

What Is The Meaning Of Social Commerce?

We can define social commerce as the process or method of directly selling products or services to potential audiences through social media platforms. However, many marketers confuse it and think of it as similar to an eCommerce platform, but this is not right. 

Social commerce is not a broad term that includes selling products and services through social media channels but every possible way where brands are selling products using social media posts or content. 

Some major social media platforms incorporating social commerce immensely are Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, YouTube, TikTok, and Snapchat. 

Social commerce includes selling products directly through the social media channels like social shopping, Link in bio, product tagging, etc., and redirect customers to eCommerce stores through Swipe up or website links in social media posts. 

Hence social commerce is retrieving exceptional benefits to brands and marketers in this recent competitive world. So let’s learn how social commerce works and how you can use it to grow your sales and revenue. 

How Does Social Commerce Work & How Brands Can Leverage It?

Looking into the user’s behavior on social media, they don’t like to leave consuming content on the social media platforms. People spend hours and hours on social media to learn about the latest trends, new products, lifestyle tips, etc., to stay updated and improve their social life. Seeing such huge user engagement, marketers are planning to capitalize on social media channels and convert users’ engagement into sale opportunities for brands. 

So how social commerce started? In 2007, Facebook was the first social media platform that started talking about selling through social media and introducing features on Facebook that allow brands to represent their products and make sales through Facebook. 

By the time Facebook introduced a buy button feature that redirects users to the product page to buy their favorite product without searching it on the brand website. Then, last year, Facebook introduced the Facebook Shop feature that allows brands to create their small online store on Facebook by adding their products. 

Now not only does Facebook have this feature, but other popular social media platforms like Instagram, Pinterest, YouTube, and Snapchat are also allowing brands to build their social media platforms. 

Instagram is one of the largest social media platforms where social commerce is practicing at a large scale. With the constantly growing number of active users, Instagram is the community with the highest engaging audiences. 

How Social Commerce Build Trust, Sales, & Growth?

It might be clear to you now how social commerce emerges in the online marketing world and how it functions. We now step ahead to further understand why every brand is talking about social commerce and how it develops trust, sales, and growth of a brand. 

So here’s how social commerce is leveraging huge benefits to brands in this growing competitive marketplace. 

  • Reach More Audience

With advanced targeting features on social media platforms, brands can reach their ideal audience based on the buyer’s persona. Using demographics and psychographic data, you can easily target a specific audience you find right for your product.

  • Connect Audience With Product In Real-Time

With Social Commerce functionality, you can easily connect your ideal audience with your brand product in real-time by providing product descriptions, product visuals, competitive prices, and purchase links that your audience can buy spontaneously.

  • Build Social Proof

Social commerce is leveraging huge benefits to brands because it solves the biggest problem that marketers face: customer trust. With social media, your target audience will come to know what other people or your existing customers are saying about the product. As a result, it is boosting the reliability and customer trust of your brand. 

  • Increase Sales

Now when more people are interacting with your products & services, building trust, and getting a direct buy link of your product on social media platforms, it will encourage your customers to click on the buy button to purchase their favorite product through social media posts. 

In the End

With this, you can grow your business sales through the virtue of social commerce. Social commerce will boost the business at an exceptional rate, so if you are not investing in social commerce, it’s the right time to focus on creating social commerce strategy and achieving your marketing goals with customer trust and more sales. 

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