More 47 Chinese apps banned: List of total apps banned till now

More 47 Chinese apps banned: List of total apps banned till now

As per the latest announcement by Indian Govt. 47 more Chinese apps are ban from India. According to The Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology (MEITY), most of the apps are clones and from the same parent company that was ban earlier in June from India. The clone apps that were ban are Helo Lite, Shareit Lite, TikTok Lite, BIGO Live, etc.

Why do Chinese apps get a ban in India?

Firstly, it all took place because of the deadly border clash between the two countries in Ladakh that left 20 Indian soldiers dead. Secondly, for violating as well as stealing the user’s data. It came to know that China was stealing the user’s data and transmitting the data in an unauthorized manner to other countries’ servers and with the Chinese agencies. Therefore, these emergency measures were a must to take against Chinese apps.

List of total banned apps

Here is the list of 59 Chinese apps that were earlier banned in India –

On June 29, Indian govt. Announced ban on the total confirmed list of 58 Chinese apps including the largest and preeminent application TikTok.

59 Banned Chinese apps 

  • Recently India bans 47 more apps including the clones of earlier banned Chinese apps.
  • Further, there is a total of 106 apps that have been banned from India, the total list of ban apps is not out Chinese apps banned in India yet but it will be updated asap. 
  • There are big names that can add upto the list such as PUBG mobile. It is one of the most popular online battleground games among Indian users. Also, communities like F95Zone are in a danger zone.
  • E-commerce giant AliExpress can also get a ban among others. 
  • Lastly, there are more Chinese apps that will add upto the list, according to the MEITY it can be upto 250 apps. 

Benefits to Ban the Chinese apps

  • Firstly, the bans on these apps will open up the market for the Indian social network.
  • Many Indian software applications like Bolo Indya welcome’s the Govt. move as TikTok was its largest rival. Moreover, it will be a competitive advantage for Indian apps.
  • It is the time when Indian apps will get more value, and keeping in mind the user’s privacy as their main priority.
  • The Chinese apps are heavily dependent on the Indian market, thus the ban will create huge economic pressure on China.
  • Lastly, there will be no violation of user’s privacy as well as no transmitting of data can take place in the other countries’ servers. 

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It is a great measure by the Govt. of India to blow China’s Digital Silk Route ambitions. Moreover, the Indian Govt. has asked the Chinese agencies to disclose their operations. These 59 apps have been removed from the Google and Apple stores. Hence, we will update the list of other 47 apps as soon as it is out. 

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