Messaging Apps For Android: 2020 Messaging Apps Trend

Messaging Apps For Android:  2020 Messaging Apps Trend

Love messaging? Do you want to know what are some of the best messaging apps? Of course, who does not loves to message. Even some people prefer messaging more than conversing over the phone, especially in today’s era, people honestly do not have time for telephonic conversation. Even if they have time, they do not have the mood, especially when it comes to juveniles. From the past few years, messaging apps for Android are in trend, people of every generation now love chatting, and of course, the inclusion of the cool features has added a bonus step. Today we will talk about messaging apps, particularly for android.

History Of Messaging Apps

Text messaging apps for android or instant messaging apps have evolved, facilitating status updates, chatbots, payments, and even conversational commerce. Text messaging apps for android are the most used smartphone apps. It all launched in mid -1990s where SMS or messaging commenced. Until 2009 many like CompuServe’s CB Simulator, Q-Link, AIM, BlackBerry Messenger were launched but they could not sustain much.

Then came WhatsApp and Kik. But the change in technology or the introduction of smartphones created a demand for messaging apps as SMS was costly. Therefore, numerous messengers turned their attention to attract enormous audiences and therefore created messaging apps.

Messaging Apps for Android

There are numerous messaging apps but after the survey, it has been found that these 5 apps are considered as best messaging apps for android, further we have segmented it under social and business messaging app:-

Social Messaging Apps

1. Facebook Messenger:

Facebook Messenger app is the oldest but one of the popular messaging apps, initially it was known as Facebook Chat, though it is a component of the Facebook app, it has its own identity in this field. The application has renovated the in-app Facebook messaging service and therefore lets Facebook users connect with each other. They have this feature of sending instant messages, emoji, photos, videos. One can even change the theme accordingly. It has a very cool feature that is waving, which attracts maximum.

2. Whatsapp:

Well, Whatsapp has its own status. Formerly it was confined to messaging but as new updates are coming, we are witnessing cool new features. Whatsapp status feature is the most impressive aspect here. Of course, one gets to share pictures, videos, links in the status, which is visible for 24 hours. One can even hide his or her status in the status setting. You can obviously send voice notes, stickers, gifs.

3. Snapchat:

Snapchat is no doubt the best messaging app for Android. It has attained popularity. Because of the feature where users can send each other Snaps that is in snapshots, short videos, or messages that are visible for a particular time. In addition, features such as funny filters and photo editing tools, a more refined story sharing scenario, bitmojis, and adaptive chat have captivated additionally.

Business Messaging App

1. Chomp App: 

Chomp app is actually in this field from the very origin and yet has not mislaid its vogue. Of course, there is a basis behind it. It is free, again arrives with a blacklisting feature and it is highly customizable like one can choose any theme among 100+ themes. In addition, it has high security such as privacy options, passcode app lock, then one can schedule SMS senders and backup.

2. Google Messenger:

Google messenger comes with exclusive features that bestow a different messaging experience. You can archive the message as well as auto back up all the texts. One can transmit audio recordings, take photos, block SMS, and even share the location. In the technology world, it is considered the top messaging apps for Android.

Summing up

There are lots of messaging apps for Android, but not all are fascinating to these apps. The apps listed above are ranked after the survey and their feedback is great. As people prefer messaging over a telephonic conversation, they also look for fun while messaging, and these apps give them that. Sharing pictures, voice notes, videos, updating status is an innovative way to attract customers. Plus point of these apps is that you can video call. Other than that Snapchat provides nice filters and of course, Google messenger and chomp looks after the privacy. Do try these apps once if you are using an Android phone.

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