Best Google search tricks and tips

Best Google search tricks and tips

Let us start with Google, the world’s most dominant search engine has changed the path we find information. F Use these Google search tricks and tips to become a search ninja. Hence In case, you’re looking for some fun, try Google Hacks and Google Hummingbird Algorithm too.


Advanced Search Definition Key:

  • Firstly Search query = Data entered in Google’s search field.
  • Secondly, Keyword = 1 or more words in your search query. AKA search terms.
  • Thirdly [bracket word] = words inside brackets are user-defined.

Want to use Google search efficiently and get the search results quickly? There are 20 Google search tricks and tips to increase your search efficiency.

Google Search Tricks

Use the tabs

Firstly, is to use the tabs in Google search. On the top of all searches, there are several tabs. Normally you’ll see Web, Image, News, and all. Using these tabs too, you can define what kind of search you need to do. Hence in case of if you need images, use the Image tab. Furthermore, If you are looking for a recent news article, use the News tab.

Use quotes

Secondly, When searching for something specific, try using quotes to decrease the guesswork for Google search. When you send your search parameters in quotes, hence it gives the search engine to search for the whole phrase. For example, if you research Puppy Dog Sweaters. Moreover, if you search “Puppy Dog Sweaters”, it will search for that as you typed it. This can benefice locate specific information that may be buried under other content if not sorted out correctly.

Use a hyphen to exclude words

Thirdly, sometimes you will find yourself searching for a word with an ambiguous meaning. An example is Mustang. Furthermore, when you search for a Mustang, you will get results for both the car made by Ford or the horse. If you need to remove one out, use the hyphen to tell the engine to ignore content with one of the other. Hence you can view the example below.

Mustang – Cars

This says the search engine to search for mustangs but to remove any results that have the word “car” in it. It can be beneficial when finding information about something without getting information about something else.

Use a colon ( : )  to search for sites

Firstly, there may be a situation where you need Google search for content on a certain website. The syntax in the text form is simple and we’ll show you below.

Sidney Crosby

This will search for content about famous hockey player Sidney Crosby, only on All other search results will be deleted. If you need to find particular content on a particular site, this is the shortcut you can use.

Find a page that links to another particular page

This Google search trick is a little unknown. Instead of searching for a particular page, you’re searching for a page that links to a specific page. Furthermore, think about this path. If you want to research who searched a New York Times article on their site, you would use this trick to find all the sites that link to it. The syntax in text form is given below:

That will reverse all pages that link to the New York Times official website. The URL on the right side will be practically anything.

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Use the asterisk wildcard

The asterisk wildcard is one of the most beneficial ones on the list. As shown below how it works. Firstly, the use of an asterisk on search, it will leave a placeholder too that would automatically be filled by the search engine later. This is a brilliant path to find song lyrics if you don’t know all the words. Here is the syntax in the text form below:

“Come * right now * me”.

In this case, to you or me, that may look like nonsense. Moreover, finally, Google search will search for that particular phrase knowing that the asterisks can be any word.

This was the main google search tricks, some of the other tips are :

  1. Firstly find sites that are similar to other sites.
  2. Use Google search to do the math.
  3. Search for multiple words at once.
  4. Search a range of numbers.
  5. Keep it simple.
  6. Gradually add search terms.
  7. Use words that websites would use.
  8. Use important words only.
  9. Google search has shortcuts.
  10. Spelling doesn’t necessarily matter.
  11. Use descriptive words.
  12. Find a specific file too.
  13. Money and unit conversions.
  14. Hence track your packages.

Main google search hacks

  • Do A Barrel Roll

Firstly this is a fun little hack.

  • Flip A Coin

Secondly, as you all know, who carries cash these days or better yet coins. At that time you need a coin flip.

  • Askew

Another fun little hack is askew.

  • Arcade Games

Finally, when you need a mental break, search with a few arcade games then get back to work

  1. Google Pacman
  2. Atari Breakout
  3. Zerg Rush


Today everyone knows how to use Google as it provides several options like Google Ads, but not everyone knows how to use its full potential. Besides, These productivity apps should help you squeeze more productive hours every day. However, they aren’t the only tools you’ll have to help you find success too.

Finally, always make the time to learn about and experiment with all the life hacks that can make you more productive. Furthermore by improving your devices too. Improve the outlook and focus to get more done and better doing it. Hence by using this content Use these Google search tips and hacks to find results faster and also with greater precision and accuracy.


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