7 Steps to do the Planning for a Website

7 Steps to do the Planning for a Website

Planning is all about thinking in advance and ahead of time. All businesses require planning, and if you are a web developer planning is a must. Creating a website without a plan is like constructing a house without blueprints. Planning for a website can help you find the right direction, reduce uncertainties, promote innovative ideas, and establishes standards for controlling. In the article, we will tell you easy steps to do the planning for a website but first, let’s discuss what is a website?

What is a Website?

It is a set of web pages and related content that is served from a common domain. The website can help businesses building their online presence and do branding of services and products. As digital marketing keeps on growing, therefore creating a website is the first step towards building your online presence. However, you can register and host a website on your own. Planning for a website starts with figuring out the basics of the internet as well as WordPress.

Steps to do Planning for a Website

Set the goals and purpose of the website

Firstly, you should know your purpose in creating a website. Is it for your business or to gain publicity? Is it for branding your products and services? You need to identify the website’s purpose as well as the target audience. Secondly, you need to set your goals for the website like How many visitors and sales you expect in a month? You need to set measurable goals for your website. Therefore, the Google Analytics tool can help you monitor your website performance.

Set up a Budget

Budget is the most important aspect of any business. You need to set up your budget for the website expenses which include web design, programming, web hosting, etc. By creating a budget you will have an idea of where to put your expenses.

Allocation of Human resource 

It is important to choose employees based on experience and references. The perfect fit is required in assigning the roles for the company. For a website, there should be a web developer, Content Writer/Editor, HTML/CSS professional, Web/Graphic designer, and above all company stakeholders.

Set up Content Strategy

Content is a vital aspect of the website. It is the only thing that provides you with visitors’ information. It’s all up to you what kind of content you want to display on your website. The content can include a blog, articles, videos, pictures, etc. Creating a content strategy is the way to present your content on the website with time. As content is a crucial part of the website, therefore you must hire experienced content writers to do the job.

Organize your website

You need to properly organize your website. For example, Your website includes articles so you need to set up the categories. If there is a programming article it will be in the programming categories and if the other one is of digital marketing it will be in digital marketing categories. However, you need to have an about and contact information on your page.

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Start Designing your website

Change is constant, you need to keep making changes with your site over time. A boring website can drive away visitors. So, your website needs to be attractive, for an attractive website you can use the following tips:

  • Firstly, make the website light to load quickly.
  • Highlight important information and features.
  • Make your logo and tag line famous.
  • Make your content clear and concise.
  • Use responsive design to adapt all screen sizes.
  • Lastly, use easy to read font for blocks of text.

Maintain your website

A website will always represent your company, therefore maintenance is very important. You have to monitor your analytics software. Moreover, keep an eye on metrics it will show you the bounce rate, visitors, and the content popular on your website. Keep posting valuable content for the visitors. Above all, do take feedback from the users, it will help you in improving your website.


To conclude the article, Planning is the key to start a successful business. Planning for a website before launching is a great investment you will be willing to do. Hope the above-mentioned steps will help in understanding the plans you should know before creating a website. So, once the plan is ready you can easily build your website on WordPress as no coding is required in it.

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