Solar App: The Best Apps for Solar Installation Companies

Solar App: The Best Apps for Solar Installation Companies

Everything’s “smart” these days, and solar panel systems are no different. Homeowners love the flexibility of controlling their electric systems from their phones. We tend to talk about smart home technology from a homeowner’s perspective, but did you know that any installer can enjoy the same benefits by using a solar app? 

Whether you want a solar iOS app or one for Android, there’s an installer-focused solar system app for you. Take a look at this quick list of some of the best options for your solar power company.

Monitor Using SolarEdge’s Mobile App

SolarEdge is a mobile solar system app focused on monitoring. Its simple interface keeps track of various statistics. The most used include how much power the panels produce, weather, and panel power monitoring

While a homeowner can go outside to test the weather and see where their solar panels are, it’s not much use when they can’t service the panels themselves. These tools make service calls and maintenance easy for your solar company. You can even rule out issues and solve simple problems from a distance, eliminating pointless service calls.

SolarEdge Monitoring is both a solar iOS app and one suitable for Android devices. It’s geared towards installers but comes with a great customer counterpart called mySolarEdge.

Get on the Same Page With Enphase’s Solar Installer Apps

Enphase, a brand of microinverter systems, uses three Android and iOS apps to guide both installers and homeowners. Enphase Enlighten Manager and the Enphase Installer Toolkit app are tools for professionals.

Enlighten Manager helps installers activate solar panel systems. It tags each microinverter with a serial number and bar code to make future identification a cinch. You feed that information into the Installer Toolkit app, which then allows you to monitor the solar panels’ performance.

Once everything’s set up, you can introduce your clients to the Enlighten app. It’s easy to use and gives homeowners important information about power output and panel functioning.

The SMA Sunny Portal Solar App Clears up Confusion

Another handy app for iOS and Android is SMA’s Sunny Portal app. It has a no-nonsense interface that displays power yield graphs. Like Enphase’s Enlighten Manager, it keeps track of panel locations and information about system components.

It also includes information about environmental benefits, such as how many tons of CO2 the system helped divert. Installers enjoy this app, though it’s also suitable for clients.

While it gives you all the information you need, it doesn’t try to be fancy with obscure statistics and flashy screens. The app’s clarity makes Sunny Portal a good choice for installers and clients to share.

Discover All the Newest and Best Technologies

These solar app options are perfect solutions for any solar power company that wants to step up its game. When you choose wisely, solutions like these make your business more competitive. We have information on technologies that can help you, no matter your industry.

Then, read up and make sure you’re getting the best solution for your needs. If your business is set and ready to go, read a blog on home technology for new ways to enjoy your life.

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