5 SEO Strategies for B2B lead generation in 2021

5 SEO Strategies for B2B lead generation in 2021

One of the most popular digital marketing strategies that have made companies rise rapidly through millions of visitors every month is the B2B SEO strategy. According to new Market reports, 57% of B2B marketers prefer SEO over any other process for lead generation. However, this method is not easy, and since the competition is getting bigger, B2B businesses are not willing to start with an SEO strategy. Therefore, there are some SEO strategies for B2B lead generation companies in 2021 that you should know.

Informing the audience

The lockdown and Quarantine have made people all over the globe realize the need to enhance their knowledge and skills. They have got plenty of time in this period for investing in their personal development in terms of education. Therefore you need to cash on this side of the people for your business growth. 

To achieve this and get new B2B leads, you can make webinars and online courses to educate the audience. However, this strategy is not unique since many B2B lead generation companies have already resorted to this method with success.

Developing an online hub

Generating B2B leads within a short period is something that isn’t very common. However, creating online content is something that may deny this motion. A content hub is just a cluster of site content regarding a singular vast topic. It will have a hub page and several sub-pages that are linked to each other. These hubs are great for SEO since Google will use the internal links to understand your content. 

Therefore it is vital to have a good number of internal links. Moreover, linking the related content also helps visitors to your website leading to greater engagement. This will allow Google to rank your content as highly valuable and of good quality.

Using intent data for locating new leads

Intent data is used to identify people’s online activity to understand what they are looking for in the online market. Therefore every B2B company needs to use intent data for expanding its market reach. You can start by buying intent data from third-party sources to locate new leads. There is software that can be used to generate ads for audiences based on the latest insights.

Hence, intent data is essential since it can help B2B Lead Generation Company in Dubai increase their leads to transcend the number of visitors and social media activities. It will also help you to identify people and businesses that are already interested in your services.

Investing in focused content

From the information and research from last year, one of the best SEO strategies for B2B lead generation companies is personalization. It has been noted that almost 47% of the businesses have focused on personalization over the other methods. However, it is time to move beyond personalized marketing content to achieve more interactive content. 

If a B2B business seriously wants to make a statement in this already overcrowded market, the ideal way is to generate interactive content. The online world has gone past the computer world and is now increasing in the smartphone area. Therefore, to keep people engaged, it is crucial to provide something better than simple blog posts. You can incorporate polls, calculators, quizzes, ebooks, infographics, and other things in your content. 

One important thing to notice is that these contents are not very costly and can help you effectively in collecting information. Therefore you can use this data to create more personalized content in the future and rise in the business structure.

Utilizing social media for lead ads

Earlier, businesses prioritized offline marketing to generate leads and increase their businesses. However, as of today, online marketing is the real deal. Internet available on smartphones has made people engage themselves more on social media platforms. Therefore, businesses nowadays must focus on advertising through these channels. You can always use services like LinkedIn ads and Facebook ads for more lead generation.

Social media platforms can provide you with various types and targeting features to make your B2B business multiply. A more recent development is the Conversation ads. This allows businesses to target and engage with their leads through personalized messages in their LinkedIn inboxes. Thus you can easily play with various kinds of ads and targeting features to bring in a high number of leads, which will lead to a greater conversion rate.

Therefore, some SEO strategies and methods can prove beneficial for B2B lead generation companies. The pandemic has hindered the market growth, but there’s still an opportunity to step up your business. The key is to chalk out a plan for generating more leads instead of prioritizing short-term economic problems.

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