How to choose a Web development company 

How to choose a Web development company 

How to choose a web developer? Why are customers often unhappy with web development services? On the one hand, the unprecedented growth of the web development market attracted many novices into the industry. But there are also lots of experienced and competent developers. The thing is, it’s not always possible to find a performer suitable for a specific project.

A layout designer who is good at creating business card websites for beauty salons can’t create a new Facebook. And hiring startup experts to change the color of a button in a Chrome plugin is just a waste of money. It is best to find a contractor who will cope with your task but won’t ask for an unreasonably high fee.

A web design company needs to solve a wide range of tasks- from choosing to host to programming. In addition, it is necessary to upload the files to the server and design the main pages (i.e. to complete the minimum work required to provide the normal functioning of the Internet project).

It is very difficult to do all this without specialized knowledge, so most users seek assistance from specialists. In this case, many things depend on the choice of the performer, including:

  • the choice of a search engine;
  • website design and navigation;
  • reliability of the website;
  • compliance with the requirements and wishes of the customer;
  • order execution quality;
  • availability of technical support.

Given that the success of the entire project depends on the quality of order execution, it is very important to choose a truly reliable contractor who is able to perform work at a high level and take into account all the customer’s wishes.

Levels of project complexity

The main difference between a complex project and a simple one is the need to create something new. To adapt the web product to the specifics of your business and stand out from your competitors, you need to use innovative solutions. An example of such a complex app is a CRM system, which allows you to manage customer interactions.

We should also mention MVP for startup projects. Startups are usually built from a new idea, which means that it’s impossible to use software design patterns. You’ll have to hire a team of professionals to implement unique solutions.

One of the main features of the complex project is the availability of user authorization support. In addition, it is very important what set of tools and levels of access will be available to the user. The most common types of user accounts are guest, author, editor and administrator.

It is important to know the security requirements for a web application. Find out whether you need financial transaction support or additional data protection measures. The choice of the server type, in turn, depends on the security requirements.

The choice of performer

The cheapest option is to entrust the creation of the site to a freelancer. There are many good specialists who can fulfill your order quickly, cheaply and high-quality. However, working with freelancers is like a lottery – you never know how it will end. The lack of a guarantee of high-quality order execution is the main problem of cooperation with freelancers. In addition, you’ll have to arrange the interaction with the performer and monitor the implementation of the project. Another drawback is that a freelancer has to combine multiple jobs (from a designer to a webmaster), which negatively affects the quality of work.

Working with small business web development is much more reliable. This option is more expensive, but in this case, you will definitely get the expected result. Such companies hire only professional web developers, which positively affects the quality of the site. They will help you choose a suitable content management system, and (if necessary) develop an individual design for your page. As a result, you will receive a fully working website.

When choosing a contractor to build a website from scratch, pay attention to his/her portfolio, the number and quality of completed orders, positions in the industry rankings and availability of awards. If possible, talk to the clients of the chosen performers and ask about the experience of working with them.

Don’t forget that the final result will largely depend on how correctly you set the task. The more clearly the task is formulated, the better the performer will understand what you need.

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