Some of the Top Python Jobs in India

Some of the Top Python Jobs in India

Python is no doubt one of the most in-demand and popular programming languages across the world at present. Knowing how to use it, can be an automatic plus point on anyone’s resume. So we came up with a blog related to python jobs.

However, It’s one thing to have knowledge of what Python is and why it is so popular. The next step is to learn about the kind of employment Python skills can bag for an individual in the real world.

Unlike other specific-purpose coding languages such as HTML, Python is a more general-purpose language because of which, its jobs are a little more diverse—which is a positive thing. With more variation comes more job options and more opportunities to land jobs. Variety, on the other hand, may lead to confusion at times.

How to best Python Jobs in the Industry?

The most effective approach to finding the ideal Python job for you is to narrow down different Python jobs based on the type of work you want to undertake and your current degree of qualification and experience. Also, if you are starting with Python, you can take an online certification course on some of the best learning sites for Python like Codecademy, Coursera, etc before going on a job hunt.

On that note, let’s break down four Python-related jobs, their general emphasis, the requirement of skills outside python to help you find the right Python job to kickstart a lucrative career

Software Developer

Entry-level software development roles are a fantastic place to start if you are searching for a tech job where you can leverage your Python skills.

You become a junior member of a software development team that creates, tests and iterates versions of a software product under the supervision of experienced managers. Though software development doesn’t only involve the use of Python, Python is a widely used language in the industry. This implies that knowing Python and having expertise with it will help you bag your first software development job.

Other skills required besides Python include JavaScript, PHP, Ruby and others. 

Full-Stack Developer

A full-stack web developer is a programmer who is equipped with both front-end and back-end skills. On one hand, front-end development deals with the appearance and interactive nature of a website or application. On the other, back-end development is responsible for creating and maintaining the technology that powers those components that allow the user-facing side of the website or application to work or even exist in the first place.

This implies, in addition to working knowledge of Python and possibly other languages like Java and PHP on the back-end, you must also know how to use languages like HTML, CSS and JavaScript.

If you know Python and can build both the front end and back end of a project, it is strongly advised that you apply for the python job title. 

Data Scientist

This is the field for you if you want to combine your Python skills with your background or interest in math or science.

Data Scientists are professionals that evaluate and extract meaning from a bulk amount of data. They mine a company’s data to identify trends, make forecasts, and suggest a plan of action to the higher management on what they learn from data about the consumer or general public.

The extensive use of Python in data science due to its capability to automate and analyze data fields has made it a crucial skill for any aspiring data scientist. If you have a knack for becoming a data scientist but have no knowledge of Python, then you can take an online training course on any good online learning platform such as Testbook to become a fully equipped data scientist.

Machine Learning Engineer

Another hard-science-based job that utilizes Python skills. Machine learning engineers write programs and algorithms which enable machines or software to learn or take action without being directed. Artificial intelligence, to be precise.

Python’s ability to handle algorithms and data processing makes it a natural programming language for machine learning. Therefore, Machine learning engineers heavily depend on Python throughout their work.

Though this role is less penetrable because of the in-depth understanding of mathematics and computer science it requires, it is amazing to witness the diverse variety of jobs Python jobs may open up.

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