The Future of eCommerce Business: Voice Commerce Technology

The Future of eCommerce Business: Voice Commerce Technology

The outset of the pandemic accelerated the growth of e-commerce businesses, where global sales boosted up during the pandemic. There was a substantial behavioral shift during the pandemic compared to pre-pandemic when people didn’t rely on online shopping or services. Post-pandemic, it can be expected that sales shall continue to escalate while new technologies can be welcomed in the coming years. One such advanced technology is voice-enabled technology searches that have become immensely popular in the few years of its introduction in the market. Let us dive deep into understanding the future of eCommerce business through Voice Commerce Technology in the e-commerce business. 

What is Voice Commerce Technology?

Voice Commerce Technology is the advanced use of technology where voice commands are used for searching or purchasing online. This system is like Siri, Alexa, Google Assistant, and Cortana are examples that are fast growing in popularity, giving voice commerce a boost in 2021.

Voice search technology is becoming a popular way of communication since it saves both time and effort by eliminating users’ need to search on their phones.  The functionality is increasingly being used on the internet for a range of tasks that otherwise need users to input and advance.

Voice Commerce Technology is gaining traction where android and ios application development services have been making prominent use of it. This puts the burden on the next phase of e-commerce businesses who must be aware of harnessing it for their online stores. 

How does Voice Search technology Define The Future of eCommerce?

Language can be a barrier between people of different geographical locations, however, not for the voice search devices. The searcher communicates their needs to the device, which then responds appropriately, either by answering the question or by completing the requirement. Here is the process of how these devices function:

  • The users can ask the question or command these devices using key phrases such as “ok, google,” “Hey, Siri,” or “Alexa.”
  • Subsequently, this speech is then processed and transcribed into a text by a digital voice assistant. 
  • The text is then analyzed to see whether there are any queries or directives. 
  • Furthermore, to identify relevant information, it interfaces to external databases such as search engines.
  • This then translates data into an understandable manner and satisfies the user’s request.

Why Should Businesses Use Voice Commerce in Their Ecommerce Store?

Voice Engine Technology can be the equipment for bringing can revolution in the eCommerce market, and if you haven’t yet implemented it, you are missing out on the huge opportunity. Many businesses haven’t paid much attention to this developing trend, which is unexpected. Here is a list of a few reasons why it is expected that voice search technology shall be the future of eCommerce business.

  1. Provides a Customized Shopping Experience: Using suggestions founded on individual interests, voice search personalizes purchasing experiences for the customers. If a person orders or avails of any specific type of products or services, the voice assistant can recommend products based on their preferences. Furthermore, they can also make the process of repetition of orders easier. 
  2. Easy Reviewing: The method of review collection can be hectic for both the owners and can be time-consuming for the buyers; however, with voice search technologies, people can easily give feedback. The convenience of leaving a review makes them more accurate and significant, which benefits both the business and its other customers. Rather than asking for lengthy, time-consuming feedbacks, these voice search assistants ask particular questions and provide evaluations which saves time. 
  3. Allows for smart shopping: Speech search functionality is about more than just leveraging voice; they’re also about properly utilizing machine learning and artificial intelligence. As a result, the speech tool is capable of capturing your shopping habits and behaviour. Your voice assistant can suggest products according to your preferences. 
  4. Time-Efficient: Voice search technology is rapid and efficient and can process around 100 words (average)/min. As a result, voice search allows you to speak quickly while obtaining results more quickly, which is a desirable feature for most users. They respond to your requirements instantly thus, saving you time.
  5. Generate brand interest: When customers regularly use any brand, they also want to be associated with it. Following a match between the customer’s desire and the brand or description of the product, the outcomes of voice search are given. Thus, this can be seen as an excellent opportunity for e-commerce businesses to gain visibility on the map.
  6. Enhance search engine optimization: Based on market developments, customers’ requirements and buying habits can vary regularly. With this, e-commerce is a fantastic method for online businesses to respond to their consumers’ shifting needs. Keyword research and search engine optimization are crucial in this case.

Why is Voice Search Technology the future of eCommerce business? 

Over the years, with rapid technological advancement, the e-commerce business has changed significantly. The customers can now easily access these services with few clicks or even through their voice commands. The number of people who prefer voice search is increasing. Recent studies indicate that predictions show that the voice-search-based commerce sector will reach $40 billion by the year 2022. It shall come off as no wonder with the way web development company in USA and worldwide have been incorporating in their devices. 

By the year 2023, digital voice devices are predicted to have grown to 8 billion active units, roughly 2.5 times their current level. Obviously, the rapid development of speech technologies will undoubtedly raise competition; however, this shall also be instrumental in opening up a slew of new options for businesses of all kinds. These technologies shall bring a new era of customer engagement and loyalty if businesses can establish their brand image and provide a wonderful experience to their customers.


Public acceptance of smart speakers is rising, as is the adoption of voice-enabled engines. There is a great demand to use voice commands for purchasing, implying that voice commerce or the voice-based eCommerce industry will be the next significant upheaval in online shopping. Machine learning, Artificial Intelligence, and Natural Language Processing are some of the advanced technologies which have improved the accuracy of showing user searches over the years, which has expedited the acceptance of voice-based search. That being said, businesses need to focus on voice search optimization plans in their eCommerce marketing at this moment. mobile app development services USA would have great potential in implementing voice commerce technology for defining the Future of eCommerce. There are plenty of opportunities with the use of voice search engines that can be instrumental in attracting users to your e-commerce business.

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